Bambee Gives You a Dedicated HR Manager Who Helps You Craft HR Policy & Maintain Compliance

Get a Dedicated HR Manager from Bambee for $99 Month

One of the most important aspects of a business is hiring the right people to work for you or with you. Making sure you hire effective and dedicated people means you have to possess a good understanding of how people function in a business.

HR managers have the necessary skills to identify performers from slackers. But this is only during the recruitment process. From hiring to working, workers should have someone to rely on when it comes to their personal contributions to the business and their wellbeing.

Get a Dedicated HR Manager For Your Startup From Bambee

Bambee focuses on providing HR managers that do the necessary assessments, making HR policies, monitoring compliance, and a lot more. 

Bambee HR managers work with an app so you don’t have to worry about setting up an office for them. They can provide you the necessary information over the phone via text, email, or chat. Employees can even interact with HR via the app.

All the HR managers are professional and certified. They make sure they provide unbiased and objective decisions while making sure the workplace is a good environment for people to progress their careers. 

Bambee also acts as an administrative assistant. It helps organize employee files for ease of access and maintenance. Each folder contains the files associated with hiring the employee. It also has a compilation of their compliance records so you know if your next actions are appropriate. 

Since Bambee is an electronic HR managing service system, documents don’t have to be signed physically. Employees can do e-signatures for notices, memos, contracts, and other work-related files.

The HR managers will also provide the necessary training for new hires to comply with your company’s policies. Questions can be answered easily as Bambee HR managers are available during business hours.

Bambee helps you streamline your company’s operations. For only $99 a month, you will have less to worry about.

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