15 Best Food And Fitness Podcasts To Tune In Right Now

15 Best Food And Fitness Podcasts To Tune In Right Now

Most people would be more inclined to plug in their earphones on their commute to work and listen to music. At home, they would rather watch videos before turning in. And when they’re not doing anything, they’re probably scrolling for updates from friends.

But these are about to change because 2021 is a way to get back from 2020, and one of the best ways to get back at it is going for productivity. They can’t really be reading a book while going for a run so podcasts are the best choice they have.

Keyword searches for health and fitness always increase somewhere around the early January and pre-summer season, so here are the best podcasts to listen to, for those looking for a list of the best food and fitness podcasts for 2021.

Best Food And Fitness Podcasts

15 Best Food And Fitness Podcasts To Tune In Right Now

TedTalks Health

Definitely first on the list solely on the number of credible guests they invite to the podcast sessions. Individuals who want scientific and research-based podcasts on health can tune in to TedTalks Health.

Experts in the field of medicine, physiology, food research, and other areas of science related to health shed light on the latest discoveries and improvements. It’s pure science but casual listeners can appreciate how simple it is to understand the explanations behind things like why it’s always a good choice to go vegan and how the body is stubbornly effective in keeping it fat.


Diet Starts Tomorrow

For women and by women. This feminine-empowered podcast hosted by Aleen and Sami discusses the realities of achieving fitness goals. They don’t filter the information with niceties and give practical advice to people on what diet regimens work.

They share some of their experiences in their process of achieving healthier lifestyles and individuals listening to the podcast can instantly relate to the struggles these two experienced. The show has a distinct conversational style that makes viewers feel they’ve been in the hosts’ shoes when they were attempting to shed off the extra pounds or attempting to quit doughnuts.


MindPump: Raw Fitness Truth

There are podcasts for women and the weight loss journey. And then there’s MindPump for health nuts that want to gain muscle. It’s a male-dominated podcast that gives the hard punches when it comes to fitness industry tactics.

This show discusses the most common fallacies believed by many in the fitness industry. The hosts attempt to analyze why these myths are still the norm among the muscle building community while providing helpful information on maximizing bodybuilding gains.


Wellness Mama

There are podcasts for everyone! It’s not just for twenty-something males and females. Mom’s can have their fair share of audio infotainment. The Wellness Mama Podcast is managed by Katie Wells. She provides information on health and wellness, food, and fitness while being the household and kids manager.

It’s a great resource for moms looking to hear information directly from one of their kind. There are a variety of hosts invited to the podcast show – nutritionists, psychologists, fitness experts. It’s everything a mom needs to be a Wellness Mama.


The Ian Cramer Podcast

This podcast’s focus is on lifestyle medicine. Sure, it’s not exactly the words food and fitness, but these two terms fall under lifestyle, so it’s a good site to get information from regarding healthy habits and food choices.

Guests on the show are doctors and lifestyle experts with solid experience and have results-driven methods. It currently has 99 episodes with the latest one uploaded sometime last year. Ian Cramer explains changes to the podcast but regardless of this fact, it has lots of valuable information in each episode.


Half Size Me

Half Size Me airs weekly podcasts that focus on weight loss journeys. It’s hosted by Heather Robertson who shares information regarding weight-loss methods. She also invites guests to the show to share their experience in shedding off excess weight.

Half Size Me is perfect for anyone who is currently struggling or is looking for motivation and inspiration to help them lose fat. It’s both fitness and mental wellness show, and the conversations provide a silver lining for both the interviewee and listeners.

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Candid Athletic Training

This podcast hosted by athletic trainers Kevan and Chad has episodes on what the experience is like being athletic coaches. It’s a sports-oriented podcast and has episodes about health and fitness. 

The pair regularly invite guests who work in athletic medicine and other medical and scientific fields collaborating closely with the sports industry. Kevan and Chad are both funny and have endless amounts of jokes and dialogue that will give the listeners the best podcasts on athletic fitness.


The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan’s series of podcast episodes cover A LOT of topics. A quick search for the keyword “health” does bring up some useful episodes. In one episode, Joe and his guest Dr. Paul Saladino, discuss dietary choices.

Dr. Paul Saladino is an expert on the topic of carnivore diets. The specific episode discusses how meat affects the human body and shares first-hand observations on his patients who have had the carnivore diet.


15 Best Food And Fitness Podcasts To Tune In Right Now


Found My Fitness

Rhonda Patrick’s Found My Fitness podcasts focus on heavy science facts to back fitness practices and food choices. Most of the topics are about cellular biology and how it contributes to the overall health of a person.

Rhonda regularly invites microbiologists and geneticists into her show, asking questions about how certain chemicals and biological compounds play an important role in health and aging. 


Sigma Nutrition

This podcast show is hosted by Danny Lennon. Danny Lennon holds a Masters Degree in Nutritional Sciences and has also provided professional advice to professional MMA fighters and boxers.

Using Danny’s background in Nutritional Sciences, he talks about making well-informed choices about nutrition and also addresses issues regarding food myths and other nutrition fads. The podcast is currently at its 378th episode and is not slowing anytime soon.


The FitCast

Strength and conditioning specialist Kevin Larrabee regularly hosts episodes for his podcast The FitCast. The podcasts revolve mainly around fitness and strength training, with some topics on nutrition and lifestyle. Kevin has authored multiple articles about strength and fitness on various websites like Tnation.com and EliteFTS.com.

The FitCast is ideal for people who are into strength training and bodybuilding. It does cover topics about weight loss and weight maintenance, but much of the episodes revolve around strength and performance. 


Stitcher’s humanOS

It’s been aired since 5 years ago but this podcast show has topics that cover a unique niche. Most of the podcast episodes are the link between physical and mental health. There are 39 episodes so far, and most of them are at a 40-minute listen. 

It’s a short podcast series but for anyone looking for a more holistic (or rather, dualistic) approach to health, then the humanOS podcast series can give background about how the physical and mental states of an individual affect each other. 


The Drive

If people were looking for MD and Ph.D. level credibility for their health and fitness inquiries, Peter Attia’s Drive Podcast can answer that. Peter Attia is a John Hopkins-trained physician with a focus on longevity.

While good health and longevity have a correlation, Peter Attia’s other episodes cover topics like exercise, diseases, and mental health. He has guests working in other fields of medical science like epidemiology, neuroscience, and oncology. It’s a podcast that’s geared towards more mature audiences and people who are more interested in living longer lives.


Mastering Nutrition

Chris Masterjohn is a Ph.D. holder who also happens to host the podcast series Mastering Nutrition. As the title of his show suggests, his specialty is nutrition and the vital role it plays in health and fitness.

Chris Masterjohn’s episodes also go over other topics aside from nutrition. He occasionally discusses hormonal biology and organic compounds that play a role in metabolism. This podcast is useful for both nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts as they can acquire useful information about food and nutrition. 


Dishing Up Nutrition

For those who are more concerned with at-home health practices, cooking, habits, and lifestyle, then Dishing Up Nutrition is the podcast to listen to. Most of the podcast episodes are geared toward homeowners and women and children.

It doesn’t have a specific topic to cover and addresses issues like prostate cancer, insomnia, bone disease, and foods that help children concentrate better. Episodes are released on a weekly basis and individuals who are settled at home can kill their weekend time with these podcasts.


This list can’t possibly include all the other health and fitness podcasts available as there hundreds if not, thousands of websites that host at least a hundred episodes dedicated to health and fitness. Whatever the activity, health and fitness podcasts are a sure way to include learnings about lifestyle choices.

Listening to any of these podcasts is worth the investment of time. It’s a plug-and-play situation, and all people need is a smartphone to get started. Some of these podcasts also have an app of their own and can even be found on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 


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