7 Steps For Stress-Free Business Travel

7 Steps for Stress-Free Business Travel

Business travel can be stressful, but there are ways for you to reduce the inconveniences and maximize your work productivity.

A lot of people don’t take long to realize that business travel can be difficult and wearisome. It’s bad enough when you’re worried about the outcome of meetings you’re planning to attend. But you add in how hard it is to sleep on a plane, to plan and pack for these business trips, and the need to maintain contact with colleagues can leave anyone on edge.

Then you have the annoying security checks to go with various potential problems like grumpy flight attendants, annoying seatmates, lost luggage, and it’s understandable how it can be very difficult for you to look forward to traveling in business.

But there are ways for you to reduce the stress that comes with business travel. Consider the following suggestions:

Start with a Positive Attitude

Business travel is a bit like trying to maintain calm and serenity in a rather troubled environment. First, you have to start with a positive attitude. It’s like seeing the glass half-full instead of half-empty, and focus on the good things.

Be Courteous to the Staff

You’re not alone in feeling the stress in these situations. Gate agents and flight attendants have their own problems as well. Don’t add to their troubles and be nice to them, and there’s a good chance they’ll reciprocate and be nice to you.

Dress Properly

People act according to the impression you make, and how you dress contributes a lot to that. Dress well and you’re treated well, and that’s long been a known aphorism. So dress properly when traveling. It also helps if you have to deal with lost luggage, as you’re presentable enough for meeting with clients and colleagues instead of being stuck in jeans.

Limit the Luggage to a Carry-On

It’s true that these days airlines lose fewer than 6 bags per 1,000 passengers. But who’s to say you won’t be one of the unlucky ones? By bringing only a carry-on, you eliminate the risk entirely. IN addition, you also take out the waiting time needed for your baggage and you can leave the airport right away.

The secret to packing for a business trip is to limit your items to the essentials. Minimize the clothes and shoes you bring, and try to go with less bulky laptops.

Use the Right Technology

You can check out websites like Seatguru.com to look over the seating plan. The information here can include tips about the legroom and the incline. Find out where the lavatories and galleys are so you can pick the most relaxing seats.

Make sure you also check out online maps to help you get around town, or at least from the airport to your destination. Better yet, check if your rental car has navigational aids that won’t let you get lost.

Stick with Your Rewards Program

The rewards program offers various nice benefits that can compensate for the stress of business travel. These include early boarding on your flights and upgrades on seats and hotel rooms. Basically, you get overall better treatment. The staff people also tend to be more helpful when they know you’re a regular patron of their services.

Car rental agencies are also generally nicer to members of their rewards programs. Usually, customers have to take a shuttle to the agency’s facility to get their rental. But for frequent customers, rental car agencies may on occasion deliver the cars to them personally.

Keep Phone Numbers of Customer Service Handy

When there’s a problem, who do you call? Instead of wondering about this when you’re already stressed and worried about the problem, anticipate it before you go on your trip. Figure out who you need to call if your flight is canceled, or if you have to change a reservation for a hotel room or a car. This minimizes stress and makes solutions far more likely.


No one’s denying that business travel can be truly stressful. But there’s no reason for you to endure problems that can be avoided or minimized. Anticipate potential issues, and try to keep calm throughout your trip. Breathe deeply, relax, and stay focused—whatever the problems maybe, they’re not as bad as you think!

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