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NetworkNext Launches a New Internet to Boost Network Performance for Online Games

NetworkNext Launches a New Internet to Boost Network Performance for Online Gaming

Lags, high pings, and bandwidth issues are just some of the most annoying things online gamers have to deal with on the regular. These can easily ruin a game and keep players from enjoying their games to the fullest. But what can they do? Such things are common with the internet.

Network Next aims to address this very problem. Described as a marketplace for premium network transit. They provide access to public networks so internet speed and connection stability are enhanced and improved.

The main goal of Network Next is to provide better network performance to those who need it. There are lots of businesses whose services can get seriously affected by poor internet performance.

Games are at the top of this list as the internet isn’t optimized for their needs. It’s engineered to deliver static and streaming content but it’s not made for real-time interactive applications. This is why they can’t handle games sending a lot of data back, resulting in slow connections and latency issues.

NetworkNext Launches a New Internet to Boost Network Performance for Online Gaming

Network Next works with game developers and content platforms to help ensure that they provide their players and followers the best experience in enjoying their games or consuming their content. By using an open-source SDK the service will steer the users’ traffic to the fastest and best routes, including private networks that regular traffic cannot get into, ensuring that they’ll get a fast and reliable connection.

With the help of Network Next, lower latency, less packet loss, and less jitter can be experienced by at least 10% of the client’s users. This can already significantly improve the user experience, especially for gaming and streaming platforms.

It should be noted that Network Next is not building the infrastructures required for better gaming or streaming experience. What they’re doing is stitching the ones already available together and creating a network that allows suppliers to compete on pricing and performance. It’s making the most of what we already have to boost the user experience.

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