4 New Restaurants in Los Angeles to Eat This Weekend

4 New Restaurants in Los Angeles to Eat This Weekend

It’s good if you like to patronize certain restaurants in Los Angeles this weekend. Your regular visits tend to result in better service, plus the food is familiarly good. But it can be a bit boring after a while unless you change things up with visits to new eateries every now and again. Of course, it’s a gamble since those new restaurants may not be as good as your favorite places. But the gamble pays off when you book a table at these eateries. 

New Restaurants in Los Angeles to Eat

1. Alta

Location: 5359 West Adams Boulevard

Sometimes you get the feeling that the food is lifeless, but here in this West Adams restaurant, Alta, you’re sure that your food has a soul. Sit down and begin things off with hot and crispy black eye pea fritters right out of the fryer. Then go with a nice green herb dip followed by some fried chicken. That’s always a good evening. 

You may want to try their California gumbo, especially if you’re a vegetarian. It doesn’t have meat, but you get the intense heat of that classic Southern delicacy. If you’re not a vegetarian, you can still enjoy this though you can precede it with pork chop served on the bone and drenched with chow. Finally, finish the evening with some coconut cake, and make plans to return in a month. Yelp


2. Kobawoo House

Location: 698 South Vermont Ave. #109

If you’re a regular visitor to Koreatown, then you must visit Kobawoo House. To do otherwise is a crime as this has been a mecca for pork fans since MJ’s “Billie Jean” was at the top of the music charts. 

You’ll probably feel the need to moonwalk after ordering the bossam. That’s a pork bell platter with either salted Napa cabbage and radish slices along with jalapenos, marinated radishes, or the traditional kimchi. To make things really interesting, get the dipping sauce based on soy. Yelp


3. The Park

Location: 1400 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park

Nowadays, any purported list of great LA restaurants that don’t include The Park is a failure. That’s according to its hordes of fans who won’t hesitate to point out how great this place is. On Tuesdays, you can take advantage of the $20 prix fixe menu. If you have an extra $22 then order duck—you won’t believe how meticulous they are at preparing it given the low price. Yelp


4. Bavel

Location: 500 Mateo Street, DTLA

If you’re already in the Arts District, plan for an early dinner at Bavel. Getting a table here can be a challenge, but you may want to wait outside right before it opens at 5PM. 

You may then enjoy some of the finest dishes that ever came out of the Middle East. Get some baba ganoush which comes with baked or fried pita. Or try the duck nduja hummus. For your main course, either order the grilled dorade or go with the lamb neck shawarma. Also, don’t miss out on the licorice root bon bon.  Yelp


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