Atticus Launches Lawyer Marketplace to Help Ordinary People Find Legal Services

Atticus Launches Lawyer Marketplace to Help Ordinary People Find Legal Services

The fact that you need a lawyer is already stressful enough as it means that you’re in a kind of bind that can only be solved through the justice system. The additional hassle of finding a lawyer makes the whole thing a lot more dreadful as shopping for a lawyer is not easy.

Atticus aims to make the process simpler and less distressing with the help of technology. Through their website, you can get the basic assistance you need to get started on your legal journey. They will give you legal advice on the options you can pursue, referrals to the best lawyers available to you, and even the support you need as your case progresses.

There are two major great things about their service. One is that they’re offered for free. They do not charge a cent for their services so that’s one thing less to worry about. If you go elsewhere, every consultation will cost you a pretty penny but not with Atticus. This covers one of the biggest burdens in pursuing a legal case.

Atticus considers itself a social enterprise so they don’t mind not charging upfront. What’s the catch, then? They make money through commissions. Atticus can get a percentage from the lawyers they referred to. This cost cannot be passed on to the client, however, so you can still be sure that you don’t have to pay Atticus anything.

The other thing to note about this service is the fact that the people behind Atticus are lawyers. Other similar services online will have the teeniest disclaimer at the bottom of their websites noting that they’re not lawyers and are not liable for anything. Those services are pretty useless to those who are in need of legal assistance as they are not qualified for legal advice or referrals. They can also only put you in harm’s way as they usually peddle their client’s private information.

With Atticus, you can be certain that you’ll be able to take the first steps in the right direction when solving your legal woes.

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