Pearl Launch New Wave of AI-Powered Dentistry Tools

Pearl Launch New Wave of AI-Powered Dentistry Tools

If there’s one industry that has greatly benefitted from the advances in recent years’ technology, it would be healthcare. Automating various processes, from medical procedures to administrative tasks helped the trade more efficient, advanced, and capable of making breakthroughs that lead to improving people’s lives. However, there’s still so much room for progress, especially in the field of dental care and that’s what Pearl wishes to explore.

The main idea behind Pearl is that AI can be the most reliable assistant a dentist can have and can also function as the patient’s most trustworthy friend. It’s designed to apply computer vision to dentistry to create a product that will easily and precisely identify issues using technology and a set of robust data. This way, specialists can spend more time with their patients to assess their conditions better and provide better options for treatment.

Why should you trust Pearl’s technology? Well, for starters, the people behind the service have their own unique connections with the industry. Created by Ophir Tanz, the co-founder of AI dental technology startup GumGum alongside an actual dentist Dr. Kyle Stanley, you can bet that they have the experience to get the ball rolling in the development of a new piece of dental technology. It also helps that both have dentist dads, so the basics of oral health are pretty much ingrained on them.

With the use of computer vision and AI, Pearl offers a powerful tool that can help put both dentists and patients at ease. They currently offer 6 products that are classified into three types of markets: Practitioners & DSOS, Dental Laboratories, and Insurance. Aside from providing AI assistance to dental practitioners, they also help in optimizing the workflow of businesses and makes insurance claims simpler, faster, and fraud-proof. All in all, Pearl can be the best way for clinics to take advantage of available technology in providing the best service to their patients.

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