Crexi Launches a Commercial Real Estate Marketplace for Lease, Buy, and Sale

Crexi Launches a Commercial Real Estate Marketplace for Lease, Buy, and Sale

In industry, as established as real estate, changes can be a bit hard to come by. Many would like to stick to tradition since they’ve been tried, tested, and trusted. However, in the digital age, they’re not convenient. With every other industry progressing and finding ways to make their transactions efficient and effective, real estate lagging behind simply wouldn’t do.

CREXi was created as a response to this pressing issue. It’s designed to help commercial real estate to keep up with the times and streamline its dealings. By creating a platform that can significantly simplify transaction processes, time, money, and effort are saved along the way.

The main purpose of CREXi is to make commercial real estate simpler by consolidating the processes involved in it in a single ecosystem. It creates solutions for market research, transactions, connecting with stakeholders, leasing or renting spaces, finding comps, getting loans, finding investment partners, marketing services, selling properties, and many other activities related to the trade. With CREXi, you can do all of these and more in just one place. It’s a full suite of transactional tools for those in commercial real estate so as a result, many inefficiencies of the field are addressed.

CREXi is also made to be a powerful tool for brokers so they can better provide their expert services to stakeholders. They can use the platform to find, qualify, and manage leads. They can also use it to market their properties as well as communicate with the parties that are showing interest using the in-app tools available. Their features will also allow brokers to conduct important tasks online including the execution of offer transactions, do market research, and run bidding processes.

It’s their comprehensive approach to the online commercial real estate process that makes CREXi worth looking into. With this tool, you don’t need to use other platforms to get tasks done.

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