15 Innovative Startups From M13 Ventures, From LA to NYC

15 Innovative Startups From M13 Ventures

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where technology continues to transform industries, one venture capital firm stands out as a catalyst for innovation and growth. Founded in 2016, M13 has quickly emerged as a powerhouse in the realm of consumer technology investments.

With headquarters in Los Angeles and a presence in New York, M13 boasts a dedicated team of 40 professionals, comprising both investors and experienced operators, who share a common mission of backing and nurturing visionary startups.

M13 Ventures

M13’s investment focus lies in the seed to series A stages, targeting enabling technology startups that have the potential to revolutionize various sectors, including work, health, commerce, and finance. By strategically identifying and supporting these trailblazing companies, M13 aims to shape the future of these industries and drive positive change on a global scale.

Their unique operational expertise sets M13 apart from other venture capital firms. With an impressive ratio of 2.5 operators for every investor, M13 ensures that their portfolio founders gain access to a deep pool of operational knowledge and support. This holistic approach enables startups to leverage the experience, tools, and resources provided by M13, propelling them to build and scale their businesses faster and more effectively.

Moreover, M13 recognizes the potential of unexplored opportunities within industries, often referred to as whitespace. To address this, the firm has established its own Launchpad, a dedicated initiative that develops founding teams, products, and practices. By incubating and launching ideas from inception, M13 actively shapes the future of these whitespace sectors, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

15 Innovative Startups From M13 Ventures

M13 Venture-Backed Companies

M13’s portfolio comprises more than 15 innovative companies, providing a diverse range of products and services. These include:


Mento is a company that aims to enhance interactions between employers and employees by focusing on career wellness. They provide personalized coaching and create a community that curates and empowers career growth, ultimately leading to healthier career development and improved performance and retention of employees. We recognize the benefit of Mento’s model, which enables companies of all sizes to scale their developmental offerings in an engaging and effective way, leading to enhanced employee growth and improvement. LinkedIn – New York City, NY


Nation is developing tools to help communities work together more efficiently. Through collaboration, communities can pool resources to start projects, create small businesses, and buy assets together. This approach will promote entrepreneurship and help to reduce economic disparities in underserved areas. We believe in Nation’s mission and are enthusiastic about its growth. LinkedIn – Chicago, IL


Niural is creating a technology called crypto rails that enables an ongoing flow of money, including settlement and tax withholding. Their goal is to construct a set of rules that make it possible for instant transfer of value, focusing first on real-time payroll. This new method has the potential to simplify the process of paying employees and taxes for companies, saving them valuable time and resources. LinkedIn – Austin, Tx


Superlocal is a social network that rewards users with crypto and NFTs when they check-in at local places. Through the use of their mobile app, users can earn points and rewards for checking in at nearby businesses. This check-in-to-earn model helps users explore their communities and allows businesses to offer unique incentives and gain more visibility. LinkedIn – Los Angeles, CA

Capable Health

Capable is building the digital health infrastructure through its API-based software platform. Their aim is to enable developer and product teams to create patient-centered healthcare applications with minimal code and cost. Their turnkey solution is suitable for both patient-facing and backend needs, which makes it ideal for the booming digital health market. LinkedIn – New York City, NY


Wellthy is a service that provides caregiving assistance to families with complex, chronic, and ongoing care needs. They connect families with care coordinators who manage caregiving’s logistical and administrative aspects. Along with this, Wellthy also offers digital tools and resources to help caregivers stay organized and informed. It is a valuable solution for anyone looking to manage their care more efficiently. LinkedIn – New York, NY


Detect’s mission is to create tools that make fast and accurate diagnostic testing for health more convenient and available to everyone. Their products will help individuals understand their health status and take appropriate actions in a timely manner. By making health information accessible and actionable, Detect aims to serve all people. LinkedIn – Guilford, CT


Rebuy offers software that uses data to customize online storefront experiences for individual shoppers, which can result in more e-commerce revenue for brands. With AI-powered personalized recommendations, sales have the potential to increase significantly. Rebuy could potentially expand its offerings to build data networks and enable personalized experiences for e-commerce platforms and software ecosystems. LinkedIn – Distributed Locations


Prepared is a startup that offers emergency dispatch technology using mobile data, which replaces the outdated landline system. Their service allows mobile callers to send live video and text messages to dispatchers in real time. Prepared’s solution facilitates quicker response times and more efficient communication, ultimately saving lives. LinkedIn – New York City, NY


Roon is a platform designed for caregivers of complex conditions, providing content, support, and a community. It aims to address the lack of reliable and easily accessible online sources of information for caregivers, where medical misinformation is common. LinkedIn – New York, NY


Carrot is a website extension that automatically saves users’ shopping carts. With just one click, users can collect, curate, shop, and share all of their favorite products. Additionally, Carrot offers a rewards program that encourages users to purchase from partnered companies. Through its platform, Carrot is transforming online shopping and offering new monetization opportunities. LinkedIn – New York, NY

Big Whale Labs

Big Whale Labs is using zero-knowledge proofs to verify credentials and create a future of pseudo-anonymity. This means that users can prove their or someone else’s identity without revealing personally identifiable information. Their technology is designed to make the digital world more secure and private for everyone. Twitter


Bunch is creating an AI-powered coaching tool focused on leadership. It simplifies information on leadership into smaller manageable pieces. Users can receive personalized tips in just two minutes a day, which is meant to help them overcome leadership obstacles and grow as leaders. Bunch’s platform is user-friendly and designed to make leadership development easy, regardless of experience level. LinkedIn – New York, NY


Allocate offers investors a simple way to invest in hand-picked venture funds and co-investments with low minimums. They have a two-part system that connects investors with the right opportunities and helps with administrative tasks. LinkedIn – Menlo Park, CA


Shef is a platform where home cooks can sell their meals to customers in their local community. Shef also offers marketing tools, local ingredients, and kitchen equipment to help these cooks start and grow their businesses. By bridging the gap between customers and home chefs, Shef makes it easier and more affordable to access healthy meals. LinkedIn – San Francisco, CA


Visor is a collaborative tool that can connect to other software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. It combines three important features in a single package: flexible customization, built-in two-way integration, and real-time collaboration. Visor enables users to seamlessly track data from different sources in one central location. LinkedIn – New York, NY

What’s Next

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, M13 remains at the forefront, actively seeking out pioneering startups and providing them with the necessary resources and support to thrive. By investing in M13, entrepreneurs gain financial backing and a collaborative ecosystem that empowers them to realize their vision and make a lasting impact on the world.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, M13 stands as a driving force behind the future of technology, dedicated to empowering startups and shaping the industries of tomorrow. With its visionary approach, deep operational expertise, and commitment to innovation, M13 has established itself as a leading venture capital firm, fueling the growth and success of transformative companies worldwide.

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