20 Most Interesting Startups From Upfront Ventures

20 Most Interesting Startups From Upfront Ventures

Upfront Ventures, a prominent Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, has cemented its position as a key player in the ever-evolving tech industry through its early investments in groundbreaking startups. Since its establishment in 1996, the firm has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to supporting visionary entrepreneurs and becoming a long-term partner in their success.

With a presence in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Paris, Upfront Ventures has strategically positioned itself to tap into emerging opportunities across diverse technology sectors.

Upfront Ventures

Notably, Upfront Ventures allocates approximately half of its capital to the vibrant and fast-growing Southern California ecosystem, underscoring its dedication to fostering local innovation. This focused approach has earned the firm a well-deserved reputation as one of the most influential investors in the Los Angeles area. By providing crucial financial support, strategic guidance, and a vast network of connections, Upfront Ventures has helped numerous startups in LA achieve remarkable growth and scale.

While firmly rooted in Los Angeles, Upfront Ventures has expanded its reach far beyond the city’s boundaries. The firm has made strategic investments in startups across the United States as well as in Europe, further solidifying its impact on a global scale. By leveraging their extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, Upfront Ventures identifies exceptional opportunities wherever they arise, making them a sought-after partner for ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide.

Success Stories and Notable Investments

Upfront Ventures’ portfolio is filled with success stories, reflecting the firm’s keen eye for promising ventures. Some of the notable companies it has invested in include TrueCar, an online automotive marketplace revolutionizing car buying experiences; Bird, a leader in the electric scooter sharing space; MakerStudios, a pioneering digital media and entertainment network; and Ring, a home security company that has transformed the way people protect their homes.

These groundbreaking investments showcase Upfront Ventures’ ability to identify disruptive ideas and provide the necessary resources to transform them into industry-leading enterprises.

In addition, there is GOAT Group, the world’s largest marketplace for authentic sneakers. The company has raised over $492 million since its founding in 2011 and is now valued at a staggering $3.7 billion.

20 Upfront Ventures Back Startups

Here’s a look at the 20 startups Upfront Ventures have backed:


Invoca is a call tracking and analytics platform that uses AI to help marketers understand why customers are calling. Its technology gives real-time information about who’s calling, what’s being said in calls, and detailed campaign attribution data that helps increase conversion rates and improve ROI. The platform helps personalize the customer journey and allows for more efficient campaign management. LinkedIn – Santa Barbara, CA


Rally is a unique marketplace that enables individuals with any income level to invest in alternative assets. These assets include blue-chip collector cars, first-edition books, rare luxury accessories, and even dinosaur fossils. Investors can trade equity shares in individual collectibles using a mobile app and website provided by Rally. LinkedIn – New York, NY


Density offers a solution for companies to measure a network of spaces in real-time, without revealing their identity. This is made possible through the use of Density’s hardware, software, and analytics. By utilizing this technology, workplace teams can gain a better understanding of when and how space is being utilized, which can help them maximize efficiency and safety. LinkedIn – San Francisco, CA


Ÿnsect is a company that produces natural insect protein and fertilizer with the aim of maintaining a stable food supply chain in an environmentally sustainable manner. It was established in 2011 in Paris, France, by scientists and environmental advocates. Ÿnsect practices vertical farming of mealworms, which serves as a protein alternative in pet and fish food, as well as plant fertilizer. LinkedIn – Evry, France

Bionaut Labs

Bionaut Labs has created “Bionauts,” which are remote-controlled nano-robots designed to deliver medication to hard-to-treat conditions in a precise and safe manner. At the moment, their focus is on diseases of the central nervous system, including Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and brainstem gliomas. Bionaut Labs was founded in 2017 by robotics expert Michael Shpigelmacher, Aviad Maizels, and Alex Shpunt. Currently, the company is in pre-clinical trials. LinkedIn – Los Angeles, CA


Employers and businesses use Clair to give hourly workers access to their wages in real-time, providing more financial freedom for America’s workforce and reducing the reliance on predatory payday loans. Clair was founded in 2019 by Nico Simko, Alex Kostecki, and Erich Nussbaumer. LinkedIn – New York, NY

Open Raven

Open Raven is a cybersecurity company created by experts from Crowdstrike and SourceClear. Its purpose is to help businesses safeguard their data in a world where cloud computing is prevalent. Open Raven allows enterprises to map, assess and protect their data across a variety of locations. LinkedIn – Los Angeles, CA


CertifyOS is a unique provider intelligence platform that uses API integrations and verified data points. It enables clinicians, teams, and organizations to gain insights and improve performance with easy licensing and enrollment, instant credentialing, and real-time network monitoring. All of these features are easily accessible. LinkedIn – New York, NY


Cordial is a marketing platform designed to assist marketers in creating cohesive and individualized customer experiences throughout various channels. With access to limitless data and advanced messaging features, Cordial facilitates brands in connecting with customers in personalized ways, including email, SMS, mobile app, and other channels. LinkedIn – San Diego, CA


Creator Now is a program that offers a membership experience, where you can find mentors, resources, and community support to help you become a full-time creator. They offer services such as education, networking, career development, and community building to create a thriving ecosystem of creators. Their ultimate goal is to provide creators with the necessary tools to succeed in their creative pursuits. LinkedIn – Santa Monica, CA


Finary is a platform that combines your investment portfolio with social networking. You can chat, hang out, and work together on investment-related activities with your friends. Finary provides features such as portfolio monitoring, group discussions, and customized insights based on data. LinkedIn – New York City, NY


Hathora is a cloud hosting platform that enables game developers to launch and manage their own game infrastructure without the need for physical servers. It can also provide serverless analytics for user behavior and game performance. LinkedIn – New York, NY

Heroic Story

Heroic Story is a new gaming platform that transforms traditional pen-and-paper RPGs into a massively multiplayer experience. It offers collaborative events and digital collectibles, empowering players and creators to guide their shared adventures together in a community-driven approach. Linkedin – Los Angeles, CA


InfoSum is a secure data collaboration platform that helps companies improve customer experience while protecting customer privacy. It allows multiple parties to connect and share customer data without risking exposure or misuse. InfoSum prioritizes consumer privacy with patented technology that prevents the movement of data, making it the most protected, connected, and accessible data collaboration network in the world. LinkedIn – London, England


Jiko is a financial network that allows companies, including startups and multinational corporations, to store and transfer money. It begins by converting T-bills into spendable cash, which are securely stored at the country’s biggest custody bank and offer on-demand liquidity. Jiko’s technology stack combines an established national bank’s stability with modernity. LinkedIn – San Francisco, CA


MetaCX is a platform that connects and aligns organizations with a shared interest in solving complex problems. This allows users to create ecosystems and leverage individual organizations’ capabilities, manage strategic initiatives, and track progress toward desired outcomes. LinkedIn – Indianapolis, IN


Nanit provides products and services that support parents in monitoring their child’s health and well-being. With Nanit, parents can receive comprehensive insights about their baby’s sleep and breathing patterns, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their child’s development. LinkedIn – New York City,


Parfait is an AI-powered platform that lets you buy custom wig products without needing to visit a stylist in person. Using 3D hair models, it matches wigs and other hair extensions that we manufacture, customize, and sell. By doing this, you can see what the product will look like before you buy it. This direct-to-consumer business model reduces costs and makes getting a custom wig more accessible. LinkedIn – New York, NY


Pinwheel offers income data that are specifically designed for fintech innovation. By analyzing real-time income and employment data, Pinwheel allows financial institutions and fintech companies to minimize risk and engage users, potentially becoming the primary bank. Pinwheel’s technology can be used for a variety of purposes, including direct deposit switching, income and employment verification, and earned wage access. With a secure platform geared towards addressing genuine consumer needs, Pinwheel aims to help promote a more equitable financial system. LinkedIn – New York, NY


Stage is creating a modern system to help businesses make money that is focused on serving their customers, is easy to use for developers, and is based on product features. This system includes APIs and tools for creating customizable payment plans, controlling access to features, bundling products, adding extras, providing trial periods, and more. LinkedIn – San Francisco, CA

Upfront Ventures’ Impact on the Venture Capital Landscape

The strategic investments made by Upfront Ventures not only position the firm as a major player in the venture capital industry but also underscore the growing importance of the Los Angeles venture capital scene in the modern tech landscape. By actively supporting and nurturing innovation, Upfront Ventures plays a vital role in shaping the future of technology, propelling startups to success, and fostering a dynamic ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Upfront Ventures’ remarkable track record, strategic investments, and unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs have established it as a driving force in the Los Angeles venture capital landscape and beyond. By fostering innovation, providing vital resources, and building lasting partnerships, Upfront Ventures continues to fuel the growth of groundbreaking startups, solidifying its position as a trusted and influential investor in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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