5 Great Lessons You Can Learn from Experienced Entrepreneurs

5 Surprising Lessons You Can Learn from Experienced Entrepreneurs

Because of the Internet, the popularity of online sales, and the effectiveness of website marketing, there seems to be no better time than now to start your own business. There are plenty of books to prepare you. You can get your website done to help advertise and market your business. You’ve also taken the effort to get into LinkedIn, have your business put into local listings, and honed your product and services. So you’re ready, right?

If you’re a newbie entrepreneur, you may still be unprepared for the various challenges that you never expected to encounter as an entrepreneur. Do you know how to describe your ideal? What do you know about negotiating a contract? What can you do whenever you’re plagued with doubts that you’re unable to decide what your next move would be?

Lessons You Can Learn from Experienced Entrepreneurs

Fortunately, many experienced entrepreneurs have come forth to offer valuable tips on how to deal with the unexpected challenges of running your own business. Here are some pieces of advice from experienced pros that can really help:

Be Prepared to Work Daily

Some businesses promise that you can just build a website, and then you can take a permanent vacation as the website does the work for you in earning you money. That’s just a fantasy.

The reality is that you won’t even be able to enjoy a normal 9-to-5 weekday schedule. In fact, you may not even have enough time to have a free day at all during the week. Many businesses will demand your attention beyond 5 PM and on weekends. You better enjoy what free time you have, as work can interrupt your rest schedule at any time.

Be Prepared to Work Daily
Lessons #1 – Be Prepared to Work Daily

There Will Be Highs and Lows

Running a new business can be exciting, but it can also be wildly unpredictable. You may enjoy a stretch of good fortune as orders seem to come in continuously. Then you’ll reach a rough patch and it seems like your business will become a failure. You have to be mentally and emotionally ready for this rollercoaster ride if you want your business to thrive.

Trust Your Instincts

The ablest entrepreneurs aren’t blindly obeying the rules they’ve read in some book or Internet article somewhere. Instead, they often obey what their guts tell them. You’re better able to grow your business if you can develop instincts that you can trust.

A good example of this is when you feel bad vibes about a client who doesn’t seem to be a good fit for you. Such feelings can’t just be discarded out of hand. It may affect your work, and it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So you may as well decline the opportunity if you have a bad feeling about a client. If your business model really works, then another client should be forthcoming.

Hire a Business Coach

No one knows everything, and as a newbie entrepreneur, you certainly have gaps in your knowledge. Determine which aspect of the business is the least known to you, and then hire an expert on that subject.

Spend Time with Positive People

When you’re running a new business, you have enough stress and drama to occupy you. So hang out with people who are upbeat and positive, so they won’t add to your tension. Instead, they can help relieve your stress.

Experienced entrepreneurs have all learned these lessons when they first started out, and now you can enjoy their benefits yourself. At least you won’t have to learn these lessons the hard way!

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