PatientPop: A Tool For Creating an Online Presence for Doctors

Many doctors have dedicated themselves to their studies simply because they wanted to help treat people and keep them healthy. Unfortunately for those who start their own clinic, their studies haven’t quite prepared them properly. There’s too much of the business aspect of running a doctor’s clinic and the doctor may already be too busy dealing with the medical side. More specifically, doctors don’t have time to focus on online marketing because they have patients to treat.

It’s for this reason that PatientPop provides its service. Every small business needs an online presence, and this online presence is what it provides. It offers a growth platform that provides just about everything you need to publicize your practice and optimize your operations.


PatientPop creates your website and initiates the proper SEO strategy to make sure that your website attracts the proper audience. Your expertise can be demonstrated through blogs and other forms of social content. The site and your third-party listings can feature positive reviews from patients, while also collecting data from patient satisfaction surveys. It also helps with reputation management, so negative reviews won’t damage your brand.

Your website can be of practical use as well, allowing for online booking. PatientPop can notify you of your appointments while continuously monitoring your growth through a special dashboard so that you’re aware of your status at any time. You can even improve your efficiency with EMR (Electronic Medical Record) integration.


Doctors don’t have enough time to take care of these tasks themselves, so they may as well let the PatientPop pros handle it all. With this comprehensive platform, no stone is left unturned and doctors can be sure that they’re doing everything they can through PatientPop’s online tools to make sure their clinics succeed.

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