Tuesday, October 4, 2022

New Girlboss Platform to Challenge LinkedIn


LinkedIn is perhaps the most widely acknowledged social networking platform for professionals. It has trounced its many rivals, but now it has to face the coming of Sophia Amoruso’s new Girlboss professional social-networking platform. Called the Girlboss Collective, it’s set to launch in January of 2019.

Leading Up to Girlboss Collective

Girlboss founder Sophia Amoruso previously established the online retailer Nasty Gal, before founding Girlboss as a career site customized for millennial women. It has recently received an additional $3.5 million cash investment during the latest funding round. This was started by Initialized Capital, which is the venture capital group led by Alexis Ohanian (who co-founded Reddit).

Based on the latest funding round in 2017, Girlboss is now worth $13.1 million. The idea of a professional Girlboss social network was borne from a closed Facebook group called “Girlboss Gang,” which has more than 5,600 members.

Why Target LinkedIn?

It’s somewhat hard to understand how a new social platform can dare to challenge an established colossus in the industry such as LinkedIn. This is widely considered as the social platform for professionals. Nothing else comes close.

But according to Sophia Amoruso, LinkedIn isn’t as current as it ought to be anymore. Amoruso views LinkedIn as a platform for a bygone traditional era which no longer exists. Supposedly, LinkedIn focuses too much on where people previously worked and went to school, while it overlooks the importance of showing more about a person’s character.

Girlboss Collective Features

The plan is to launch the Girlboss Collective as a paid professional social-networking platform. This platform will be established as a networking hub to serve primarily women, though it is open to serve the professional networking needs of both men and women.

It’s especially geared towards women, however, who may have careers that may not be considered particularly traditional. These women may work as freelancers instead of as employees for a single company. They may also have significant gaps in their work history, or they may be working several part-time jobs at once.

It is still in its testing phase, and at this time it is only for US users. Getting on it is by invitation only, and so far more than 15,000 users are on the Girlboss Collective waiting list.


Once you become a Girlboss Collective member, you can view up to 50 hours of Girlboss Rallies. These are the networking events that Girlboss hold in LA and NYC with various panels and keynote speakers on a wide variety of relevant topics. Subjects that have been covered include how you can create a viable business out of your part-time jobs and you can navigate the Boys Club (which can be difficult if you’re a woman).

The next Girlboss Rally is on November in NYC. The speakers scheduled to appear to include Zola founder and CEO Shan-Lyn Ma and Marah Lidey who is the co-founder and co-CEO of Shine. Other speakers include Arianna Huffington and Jennifer Hyman, who co-founded Rent the Runway.

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