Saturday, May 28, 2022

MongoDB: Excellent Free Open-source Cross-Platform Database


The explosive popularity of MongoDB is famous, as it has come in just a few years to represent the next generation of database technology. Large companies to the latest innovative startups are using it to build applications that weren’t possible before, and at a cost that’s much lower than with traditional databases. It now has more than a thousand service and technology partners, thousands of customers, and more than 10 million downloads.

The traditional database is relational, and it uses a table of rows and columns. But MongoDB is a document database with rich, recursive, N-dimensional objects for records. Essentially, you store your data in a document database in almost the same way it’s represented in your program.


  • Form data: With MongoDB, it’s easy for you to evolve the structure of form data over a period of time.
  • Account and user profiles: You can easily store arrays of addresses.
  • CMS: With the flexible schema of MongoDB, you’ll have no trouble with heterogeneous collections of content types.
  • Messaging: You can vary message meta-data easily per message or message type. You won’t need to maintain separate collections or schemas.
  • Blogs / user-generated content: You can bunch data with complex relationships together in one object.
  • Structured log data: You can log data of any kind.
  • System configuration: You just have a nice object graph of configuration values. This is very natural in MongoDB.
  • Location-based data: MongoDB can handle geospatial coordinates and it natively supports geospatial indexing.
  • Graphs: You just have objects and pointers. It’s that simple.

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