Hire the Best Talent with Workpop’s Automated Sourcing Technology

It’s fair to say that the talent market is extremely competitive. There are just too many companies trying to compete against one another to net themselves the best talents while hiring from a limited number of candidates. If you’re really determined to get yourself the best among these potential hires, you have to try Workpop.

Workpop has distinguished itself by offering what is recognized as perhaps the most advanced Applicant Hiring System in the world. It is the first system to let you do more than just track your applicants. With this system, you are also able to provide the best and most compelling candidate experience.


In other words, the Workpop system enables you to find the best candidates for your open positions, and then help you to convince those candidates to actually work for your company. This allows you to hire the best candidates in the shortest amount of time. You are able to attract the most qualified candidates, and the entire hiring process is optimized for efficiency.

If you’re a recruiter or a manager, there’s no doubt you’ll benefit from what Workpop has to offer. They provide automated sourcing that guarantees your unfilled positions will be filled by simply flipping a switch to post to the right places. They have an AI that automatically posts the perfect mix of job boards. This will be based on relevant factors like geography, industry, and job title. Wherever the best candidates are searching for the positions they’re seeking, they will see your open jobs.


That’s just the start of what Workpop can do for your recruitment. You’ll be able to find candidates in the best places to find them. You can find the passive candidates who are often the most qualified, simply by promoting your applicants to post former employers as references via email and SMS. With each new customer that uses Workpop (and the numbers are growing), the Workpop talent pool for your industry grows even bigger. You’re not getting the candidates that other employers reject. Instead, you’re getting access to the active seekers who have the experience and skills you need.

If you’re looking for employees, Workpop provides you with a better way to find them. You will have more applicants, and they will be higher quality. What’s more, they will be more engaged in the process, and when you hire them they are more likely to stay.

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