6 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Workspace And Productivity

6 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Workspace And Productivity

You may not know it, but your workplace productivity may be reduced by your cluttered and disorganized desk and other distractions.

It’s possible that you can come to your office and appear to be working. But if you want to be a productive worker, you actually have to get the work done, as correctly and as quickly as you can. That’s not always easy to do on a day to day basis, but these practices should help:

Tidy Up Your Work Space

Plenty of research has demonstrated that if you wish to be productive, your workspace has to be orderly, simplified, and tidy. It affects not just your work. It also impacts how you are regarded by your coworkers. When they see your messy workspace, many assume that you’re either lazy or incompetent.

Arrange Your Work Space for Positive Energy

This tip may seem rather nebulous. How should you set up your desk to enhance this positive energy? It’s simple enough, though. You just have to put in some personal touches to really make your desk your desk. You have to make the workspace your own. When you do this, you’re more inspired to do better in your work.

Shut Off Your Notifications

It’s best if you try to shed all the distractions that might keep you from focusing properly in your work. This means that you should turn off all your unnecessary notifications. Set up your computer so that you’re not bothered by a popup screen every time you receive an email, nor do you get a beep or a ring when you get a text or a call on your phone (except if it’s family).

Just establish time blocks for checking your messages instead. You’ll find out that none of these emails and texts you received had to be addressed at the moment you received them.

Cut Down the Clutter of Paperwork

Actual paper on your desk is actually a work hazard—in the sense that it decreases your productivity. Their presence stresses you out, slows you down, and distracts you. You don’t really need to have these documents on your desk, do you? If possible, have them all converted to electronic copies, so it’s easier to wade through them to find what you need.

Stack Your Papers

Sometimes having documents on your desk can’t be avoided. They represent what needs to be done for the day. If that’s the case, just put them in a single stack on your desk and arrange them in the sequence you’ll tackle them. That way, you have an orderly process of your tasks for the day and you’ll have a better idea of how you’re doing.

Write Notes by Hand

Yes, this may seem a bit obsolete in today’s world of keyboards. In fact, it may even seem to contradict the tip about reducing the paperwork.

But having a pen and a notebook at the ready lets you jot down ideas that may come to you. You can write notes and make free-flowing diagrams quickly. These notes can help you to remember any ideas that may prove useful.



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