Learn How Omaze Makes Giving Fun & Easy For Everyone

Learn How Omaze Make Giving Fun & Easy For Everyone

Are you running an organization for a cause that’s good for the community? Do you wish that you can enjoy something special for your donations to a good cause? Or are you perhaps one of those Good Samaritans who wish to help aside from giving monetary donations? Whoever you are, you need to take a look at Omaze. This is the special online fundraising platform that offers exclusive merchandise and “once in a lifetime” experiences in support of various causes.

The way Omaze works is actually quite simple. The founders of Omaze were inspired by charity auction that had donors bidding for a chance to have dinner with Magic Johnson, and the winning bid was $15,000.


The founders were aghast at the results of that auction. A dinner with Magic should have fetched more money for the charity. What’s more, it didn’t seem right that only the rich could have enjoyed such a “Magical” dinner.

Omaze came about because of the founders’ determination to do better. This platform organizes various “once in a lifetime” treats and obtains exclusive merchandise that can be won by a randomly chosen winner. The winner comes from a pool of donors who only need to donate $10 for a particular cause.

So now a donor who gives just $10 has a chance to win a pink Deadpool suit by supporting LetsFCancer. You can meet Michelle Obama and get photographic evidence of the meeting by giving to the Reach Higher initiative. You can even win the 6th Tesla Model 3 ever made (previously owned and fully customized by Kimbal Musk)if you support Big Green.


With this platform, if you’re running a charity organization you can partner up with a celebrity or offer exclusive merchandise to promote your cause. Meanwhile, even if you’re a modest donor you still have a chance to enjoy an experience that’s truly one of a kind. You can meet a celebrity, go on a dream vacation, score tickets to a sporting event, and still provide support to the causes that matter to you.

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