Social Music App Launches on iOS and Announces $4 Million in Funding Social Music App Launches on iOS and Announces $4 Million in Funding

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, social media platforms were some of the first to be affected. TikTok and Cameo were no exceptions. Stefan Heinrich Henriquez, who was head of Global Marketing at TikTok and chief marketing officer at Cameo before launching last summer with his co-founder Akiva Bamberger (who was a software engineer on Snap’s Spectacles), is one of many workers re-evaluating their career path in light of social media’s decline during and after the pandemic.

Last summer, after meeting while working at Snapchat’s Spectacles, engineer Henriquez and co-founder Akiva Bamberger began developing Today,, a social music app that allows users to collaboratively compose songs using their voices or acoustic instruments in real-time, debuts on iOS and announces a $4 million seed round from investors including Greycroft, Chicago Ventures, Slow Ventures, firstminute, Steven Galanis, Randi Zuckerberg, YouTuber Mr. Beasts’ Night media, Spotify’s first CMO Sophia Bendz, Cyan Banister, artist T-Pain, and music industry veteran Zach Katz, among others. Social Music App Launches on iOS and Announces $4 Million in Funding

At its core, wants to make it simple for anybody to produce, have, and share music using just their phone. Users may submit their own beat or pick one from another user, after which add vocals (voice effects and somewhat corny lyric generators are available if you’re modest), then choose a visual from Giphy. After you’ve made your music video, you can choose to share it on social media or keep the videos private for your own personal records. also offers “ideas,” or suggestions to encourage creativity, such as “What is your pet thinking about right now?” and “Make a song about your first crush.” There’s also a Tinder-style tab where you can swipe left or right on songs, which allows you to give it a thumbs up (known as an “encouragement” in an attempt to keep things friendly).

At the moment, does not offer in-app purchases, but Henriquez explained that in the future, it might be feasible to profit from working with brands or establishing an in-app marketplace. For now, is concentrating on adding new features, improving the product, and creating a tool that encourages creativity as an LGBTQ+ founder; he added that it’s critical for end-users to be able to connect on the app through its social components.

It’s possible that is yet another hoax, but it appears to be real. There is a waiting list to get access to it — although you can also test your talents with a “vibe check,” which invites you to create a song and see if existing users will right-swipe you.)

Download the iOS app HERE

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