McDonald’s Leads the Way in Virtual Reality – Metaverse Trademark Applications

McDonald's Leads the Way in Virtual Reality - Metaverse Trademark Applications

McDonald’s has filed a trademark for virtual restaurants as the fast-food giant looks to explore the metaverse. Eleven of the twelve trademarks filed on February 4 are references to virtual restaurants, symbols, cafés, and other virtual services. The move points to McDonald’s interest in VR technology and its potential use in the food industry.

McDonald’s Metaverse Trademark Applications Leak

Josh Gerben, the founder of Gerben Intellectual Property, speculates that McDonald’s may be looking to create a social network for food lovers that would allow users to order and pay for their food within the metaverse.

The attorney emphasized that the trademarks suggest a firm behind the iconic golden arches may plan to offer “a virtual restaurant featuring actual and simulated products,” as well as “operating a virtual restaurant with home delivery.”

What does this signify for metaverse citizens?

McDonald’s is interested in VR technology and how it can be used to improve the food industry. This could mean that we may see more virtual restaurants popping up in the metaverse, where we can order our food and have it delivered right to our doorsteps. Exciting news for all you foodies out there!

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