Get Your Money Back on Purchases After Prices Drop With Earny

Get Your Money Back on Purchases After Prices Drop With Earny

Shopping nowadays can help you save money because you can search other selling platforms offering a particular product to see if it’s available at lower prices. But sometimes you fail to find those lower prices until it’s too late and you’ve already made the purchase. At best, you have to ask for a refund from your seller so that you can then buy the item from the other seller for a lower price.

You also can’t know the future. It sure can be frustrating when you buy an appliance for $1,000 one day and then a week later its price drops to just $200. It feels like you’ve been robbed. It helps if you have price protection with your credit cards though. This means if the item you bought shows up with a lower price within a certain time frame after the purchase, your card issuer can then credit you the price difference so you can recover what you’ve “lost”.

But who has time to monitor the prices for all your purchases? Everyone’s so busy these days, and checking these price drops can be tedious. But now you can have the Earny app to do it for you.

Earny monitors your email for online shopping receipts and tracks the price protection on your credit cards too. When Earny finds a price drop, they claim the difference on your behalf. You’re then notified of every refund you get.

Earny gets 25% of everything they recover, which is actually a good deal. The fictional literary character Travis McGee did similar recovery work for clients, and he returned half of everything he recovered. The reasoning here is that for clients, 50% of something is always better than 100% of nothing. At least this time, you get back 75% of what you lost.

So if you could have gotten your appliance for $800 less, Earny will get everything for you when the app discovers the price drop. You get back $600 and you didn’t even do anything—you may not even have discovered the price drop at all!

Earny is backed by Science, Inc., Santa Monica based technology accelerator.

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