How To Sell Luxury Products on Social Media

How To Sell Luxury Products on Social Media

Some people believe that luxury products sell themselves. The brand recall will already attract customers, new and old. But this is only partially true as brand reputation can only get you going so far. With the stiff competition in the luxury segment of every industry, a brand can’t just sit pretty and wait for customers to find their way to them. Effective steps should be taken.

Fortunately, there are tons of techniques that can be used to attract luxury shoppers. No matter what your products and services are, you will not have a hard time finding ways to present your wares to your target audience. What you should be more concerned with is keeping up with the trends. Doing so will keep your brand relevant and current.

One way to do this is by using social media to promote your products and be more available to your clientele. If you’re going for exclusivity, this trick might sound counterintuitive and it is. However, if that’s not your primary goal, social media will prove to come in handy for you.

Luxury brands can’t use social media the same way regular businesses do, however. In order to maintain their image and branding, there are key tricks that luxury brands need to adhere to. 

How To Sell Luxury Products on Social Media

Visual Impact

One of the things that set luxury brands apart from other businesses is that they usually offer a different experience to customers. The luxe, boutique experience that helps customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth has to be translated to the web so you can maintain the appeal to your target market. This is best done through high-quality photography and videos. 

Since social media is a heavily visual medium, you should make sure to present your brand in the best way visually. Product photography should be on point and showcase the most important details of your products.

Most experts also recommend telling a story visually on social media. It can boost the aspirational image of your brand and will engage your following in the lifestyle you’re selling. Aside from featuring high-quality product photos, styling them beautifully and in upscale settings is also necessary to create the narrative you wish to send to your target market.

How To Sell Luxury Products on Social Media

Tell Customers ‘More’

Another way to capture the attention of luxury shoppers is by telling them “more”. Giving them a glimpse of your processes’ behind the scenes normally does the trick as these exciting details are not often shown to the public. 

These kinds of information are valued by the luxury crowd as they enjoy stories about how and where their purchases are from. As much as they like seeing and enjoying the upscale products they buy, they also like to tell others the tales behind their creation. By showing them the kind and amount of work that went into their products, you’ll be able to communicate the luxury status of your brand.

Sharing behind the scenes clips and stories will also highlight how special the production processes of your products are. The transparency will tell your target market that you are, indeed, offering quality that is worth a lot more than what others offer.

Target Your Ads According to Household Income

Targeting your audience is always a must for luxury brands as it not only helps with the marketing budget but it also ensures an exclusive image. Doing this in the past was limited to where the ads are run. Nowadays, everyone’s on free social media sites so it wouldn’t be wise to limit your audience. It’s better to take advantage of the tools provided by the websites you use instead.

Facebook, for example, will let you target users that are within certain income brackets. It will let you choose whether to only show your ads to a certain group of users, like, say, those in the top 10% of area earners.

Targeting your ads will allow you to make the most out of your marketing efforts. It will ensure that the intended market will see your ads as they’re the ones who will have the capacity to buy your services or products. Such measures will be lost on users that are outside your target market so it doesn’t matter much if you reach them or not.

How To Sell Luxury Products on Social Media

Take Advantage of Influencer Partnerships

It’s a fact that luxury brands often benefit from partnering with celebrities. This is why most high-end fashion brands have lasting relationships with A-listers from all over the world. They ‘model’ the luxury products to others when they get photographed and the target audience gets to be charmed without hard selling.

Influencers are the new breed of celebrities and they’re big among social media users. As they’re also open to working with brands, you can tap the ones who cater to your intended crowd to do the marketing for you. You can even opt to approach it subtly or go hard on the promotions. It all depends on your goals for the partnership.

It’s an absolute must to do a thorough research when choosing an influencer to work with. Look closely into the kind of following they have and the kind of lifestyle they’re selling. Try to make sure that they’re followed by your intended target market so a partnership with them will help you make a sale. 

It’s also crucial to research their reputation and overall branding. Influencers can sometimes get into controversies that can affect the image of the brands they work with. Doing this will help you cover all your bases in ensuring a successful partnership campaign.

Feature User Content From Time To Time

Reposting your customers’ content can help build a friendlier and more credible image so many brands do it. However, as a luxury brand, you should be very discerning about the items you feature on your social media feeds. They should still be aligned with the aesthetics you’re going for in your own feed. It would be better if the photos you’ll repost look like they’re taken professionally, too.

Like with every part of your business efforts, offering an elevated experience to your customers should be your priority even on social media. This is the best way you can translate luxury online so take extra care with your marketing and branding measures.

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