Boundless Mind Makes It Easy To Hook Your Users

Boundless Mind Makes It Easy To Hook Your Users

How do you make a successful app? The simplest answer is that you make an app that’s habit-forming for a huge number of people. But how can you do that? That’s where Boundless Mind and its AI software come in.

As a developer, you can’t just blindly trust your guesses as to what your potential users will like on your app. You have to know. That’s why you have tools such as A/B testing. But it’s a different story altogether to train your users into developing a habit of using your app on a regular basis.

Boundless Mind can help, and that’s because they’re neuroscience experts who have studied exactly how the human brain functions when interacting with technology and software. They don’t just know how the human brain works. They also know how to reinforce any behavior in your users so that they can start developing a habit that will help your company.

The way it works is simple. First, you choose an action or behavior in your users that you want to become habitual. This can be just as simple as tapping on a particular button on their screen. You just need to make sure that this is an action within your app that will create some sort of value for your business. It’s this action that you want your users to do time and again.

Now you then pick the kind of reward you want to give your users to reinforce this action. In video games, you have stunning graphics and loud explosions to tell users that they’ve done well, and so they keep on doing that sort of thing they’ve been doing before. The same principle applies here, and you can design your own award or pick from Boundless Mind’s offerings.

Finally, as a developer, you can use their API or their SDK with your app. The Boundless AI will then learn about your users’ preferences and it can then start reinforcing the behavior you want. The AI continuously learns what’s best in reinforcing the action you want your users to do, so over time you can improve your app while users become more addicted to your program.

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