YouTube is Officially Getting into Podcasting: Here’s What We Know

YouTube is Officially Getting into Podcasting: Here’s What We Know

YouTube is planning a big entrance into the podcasting world. A leaked document has revealed that the company plans to create a podcasts homepage on YouTube.com and offer monetization features to podcasters. This is great news for podcasters and podcast fans alike! YouTube is already a major player in the online video space, and its entry into podcasting will only increase its dominance. (source: TechCrunch)

Podnews, a website that covers the podcast industry, was the first to report on YouTube’s plans. According to their report, YouTube has already begun reaching out to popular podcasters, offering them cash to film their shows on the platform. Also, Podnews claims to have received an 84-page presentation from YouTube that details the company’s plans for podcasting.

YouTube is Officially Getting into Podcasting

The presentation indicates that YouTube will soon allow podcasters to monetize their content in a number of ways. For example, podcasters will be able to run ads on their shows, and they will also be able to sell merchandise through YouTube’s shopping platform. In addition, YouTube is planning to create a podcasts homepage on its website where users can find all of the best podcasts. This is great news for podcast fans, as it will make it easier than ever to find new shows to listen to.

YouTube’s entry into podcasting is definitely good news for the industry. With YouTube’s resources and massive user base, podcasters are sure to see a boost in listenership. YouTube has also been known to be a great platform for promoting new content, so podcasters can expect to see a lot of new listeners coming their way.

So far, YouTube has not announced any specific launch dates for its podcasting features, but we can expect them to be released soon. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite podcasts that you can watch on YouTube right now.

With YouTube’s huge user base and its experience in the online video space, its entrance into podcasting is sure to shake things up.

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