The 8 Types of Shoppers Businesses will Face This Holiday Season

Over the past few months, a lot has changed in the retail sector. The landscape has drastically changed for both shoppers and businesses alike as more and more folks shift to shopping online instead of in-person.

Despite this major change, it’s believed that the kinds of shoppers haven’t changed much. They may have switched to a different method of acquiring your products but they’re still pretty much the same folks with the same buying habits and preferences. This is why it’s best to get to know them better in order to craft an effective holiday marketing campaign.

To help you better familiarize yourself with the kinds of shoppers your potential customers might be like, we’ve rounded up 8 kinds of shoppers that you might encounter during the holiday shopping season below.

Holiday Traditionalists

As the name suggests, these are the folks who treat gift-giving during the holidays as a tradition. They’re serious about their shopping activities and most likely already have lists that they’ve worked on for months. They’re the types of folks who are most likely to go all out. They’re not just shopping for gifts as they’ll also spend on other accouterments that are related to the festive season.

When expecting holiday traditionalists, it’s best to go all out on your holiday promotions as well. These folks will want picture-perfect events, may it be in-store or online. Decking the halls, as they say, would nicely draw them in.

You can also do something similar for your e-commerce platforms. Eye-catching visuals and themed bundles will easily do the trick.

The 8 Types of Shoppers Businesses will Face This Holiday Season

Brand Loyalists

According to experts, about 80% of consumers become loyal to certain brands over time. Gaining some would be great for your brand as repeat customers are said to be worth up to ten times more than their initial purchase.

If you haven’t attracted some yet, offering high-quality products at competitive prices will be a good start. If you already have a few, make sure to take care of them well. Adding personal touches like handwritten notes and freebies to their orders will make them feel special and recognized. It’s best to better establish a personal connection between them and your brand and show your gratitude for their patronage.

Networked Shoppers

These kinds of shoppers are the ones that are connected and informed through the bits and pieces they have foraged online. They’re the ones who do a lot of legwork before making a purchase. They read, watch, and share reviews. They also exchange opinions on products in various groups and forums.

Because of these, their opinions tend to hold some weight. Being regular folks, they tend to have more credibility than celebrities or influencers. Their choices and suggestions are often taken seriously by their followers so winning them over would give your business a nice boost.

Attracting network shoppers can be tricky. It’s not something that you can do with just a major marketing campaign as they value others’ opinions and experience about your products more than what you say about it. So the best thing that you can do is to be authentic and offer the best products or services.

Providing useful information and building a community are great ways to draw in networked shoppers as well. Doing so will help build their trust and allow them to get in touch with like-minded folks. Rewarding the community through freebies, giveaways, and even features will also help you immensely.

The 8 Types of Shoppers Businesses will Face This Holiday Season

Ethical Shoppers

One of the biggest changes in people’s shopping habits and preferences as of late is their conscious efforts in supporting the ‘right’ businesses. The definition of what the ‘right business’ is may differ greatly but it all boils down to causes that they want to support. This is why more and more businesses are highlighting their political stances, beliefs, and advocacies alongside their products.

Reaching out to these shoppers can be quite easy. You just have to share the things you do to give back to the community or say more about your advocacies. You can also host events that they can take part in.

Experiential Shoppers

The shopping experience is greatly cherished by many so it shouldn’t be a surprise why some folks prefer shopping from places that give them the gift of experience. Unfortunately, with in-store shopping proving to be a challenge for many in the times of COVID-19, you may need to take extra steps to appeal to these shoppers.

It can be done, though, so don’t fret. Most brands turn to virtual workshops and demonstrations while others host virtual pop-up events on social media to provide some ‘retailtainment’.

Impulse Shoppers

Even the most frugal and self-controlled consumer can have a moment of weakness and succumb to impulse buying so it’s very important to appeal to these kinds of shoppers. They practically include everyone so targeting this portion of the market is crucial.

Luckily, they’ve been around for quite a while now that they’ve already been extensively studied. You can appeal to them by offering great deals that come with lower risks. So aside from discounts, make sure to provide money-back guarantees, warranties, and easy return and exchange policies.

The 8 Types of Shoppers Businesses will Face This Holiday Season

Bargain Hunters

Who doesn’t love a bargain, right? However, bargain hunters are not always impulsed buyers. They’re more patient as they can afford to wait for the best deals to be offered before making a purchase.

A simple sale might do the trick for them but you can also turn it into a game to spice things up. Providing a countdown will definitely catch their eye. Offering bulk discounts can also make your offers more appealing to this bunch, especially during the pandemic.

Procrastinator Shoppers

Procrastinators are the shoppers that postpone their holiday shopping to the last minute so they can both be a joy and a horror to have as customers. They will request expedited shipping and constant updates about their parcel’s delivery but they might also jump the gun quickly when it comes to choosing what to get. They often require assistance in terms of recommendations but there’s also a good chance that they’re not too picky so you’ll make a sale in a jiffy.

Simplifying the selection and providing express shipping will be great ways to win these shoppers.

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