Podcast: Learn and Be Curious with Gary Vaynerchuk

On the latest episode of Hawke Media's new podcast, HawkeTalk, CEO Erik Huberman sits down with Gary Vaynerchuk—serial investor and entrepreneur, chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, and five-time New York Times best-selling author. Huberman says his goal with the podcast is to bring origin stories of the biggest entrepreneurs, athletes, and other celebrities to life, which is exactly what he does here in an exclusive interview. Vaynerchuk speaks candidly...

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Glassdoor’s New Feature Will Let Employees Review Their Company’s Diversity and Inclusion Situations

In the midst of America’s racial turmoil, Glassdoor introduced a very timely addition to their platform. Glassdoor has always been one of the most valuable websites for job seekers who are not just looking for employment but are also after professional fulfillment, growth, and satisfaction. By being a great source of employer reviews, they are able to paint a unique picture of businesses which can be very different from how...

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40 Health Tech Startups Seeded by Y Combinator in 2020

While the desire to monitor one's health and fitness has always been important, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the world even more conscious of their health. Thanks to new wearable technology and instant result monitors, this has paved the path for the establishment of various healthcare startups around the world.  Statistics suggest that 15% of users (age 18-29) and 8% of users (age 30-49) use a health application.  These ranges anywhere...

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The 8 Types of Shoppers Businesses will Face This Holiday Season

Over the past few months, a lot has changed in the retail sector. The landscape has drastically changed for both shoppers and businesses alike as more and more folks shift to shopping online instead of in-person. Despite this major change, it’s believed that the kinds of shoppers haven’t changed much. They may have switched to a different method of acquiring your products but they’re still pretty much the same folks...

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Google Commits $1 Billion to the News Industry

Google announces support for high-quality journalism through its new product, the News Showcase. There’s no doubt that journalism has been struggling over the past few years. With the decline in demand for newspapers and the rise of fake news and propaganda, the profession is facing really tough times. So in a move to bolster the field, Google announced that they allotted $1 billion to pay for licensing of news articles...

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An Uneven Population Distribution Can Greatly Impact The Spread of COVID-19, According to Researcher at UCI

A study shows that population distribution can be a major factor in the spread of the coronavirus. Most countries have long experienced population distribution disparities. Urbanized areas tend to be more crowded and densely populated while rural areas tend to be more sparsely populated. While it is believed that low-population areas can be harder to live in, they also have great advantages, particularly during these unprecedented times. In a study...

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