How New Brand Can Attract More Customers

How a New Brand Can Attract Customers

When you’re just starting a new business, it can be a huge challenge to attract customers. Since you’re new, you will have to introduce your brand to consumers, and that can be difficult when you have to go against more established brands in your industry. Furthermore, new companies are often limited by a meager marketing budget.

How Brands Are Attracting & Retaining More Loyal Customers

It’s a good thing that you don’t absolutely need a huge marketing budget to draw in your customers to your brand. There are some relatively easy ways to promote your new company without costing you a bundle.

Spread the Word with Your Current Network

No man is an island. Just about everybody has friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, and old schoolmates and coworkers. In fact, through social networking platforms like Facebook, you can connect with friends of friends very easily. So spread the word with these people that you have a new business. Post it on Facebook, send word through Twitter, and send mass emails to all your contacts.

Explain what kind of products and services you’re offering, and see if they have need of what you have to offer. Also ask them if they know someone who may need your products and services, and ask for introductions to those people.

Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Easier

You shouldn’t forget to ask your contacts to spread the word about your business among the members of their own networks as well. Of course, some won’t bother since it takes a bit of effort. But you can make it easier for them to spread the word by providing them with your custom referral package with info about your website and contact information. You can also motivate these people to exert the effort on your behalf by providing them discounts on their next purchase from you if they’re able to send you new customers.

Go Online

Going Online means more than just hanging out on Facebook. You need to have a website. You have to get on local listings. You should also find the more popular online forums about your industry and participate in the discussions (while mentioning your new business).

Feature a Limited-Time Offer

When you provide substantial discounts for the first few weeks of your business operations, you can gain a huge customer base in a very short amount of time. Many discount seekers may flock to your business if the discount is serious enough. This will gain you lots of brand visibility. At the same time, people can also take your products and services for a trial run without the need to spend too much money.

It’s great for them because it’s cheaper. But it’s great for you too, because some of these new customers may return to buy from you again even with higher prices when you offer sufficient value in your products and services. You also benefit when they spread the word about your excellent brand among their own contacts, as many customers tend to do when they encounter superior products and services. is a digital lifestyle publication that covers the culture of startups and technology companies in Los Angeles. It is the go-to site for people who want to keep up with what matters in Los Angeles’ tech and startups from those who know the city best.

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