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The Ultimate Guide to a Long-Term Brand Strategy

Are you in business for the long haul? Then you need to build up a strong brand, and here’s how you do it. Sometimes when you hear brand names, there’s instant recognition. You hear powerful brands like Nike, Starbucks, Google, Amazon, Ford, Rolex, Apple, and Honda, and you recognize what they’re all about. You know what they sell, and how good they are. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all ...

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Your Swag is an Extension of Your Brand, So Don’t Neglect It

You are what you give away. In the business world, this means that your brand can be defined by your swag — so you better think about your promo items. Have you ever watched awards shows and how celebrities talk about the “swag they receive? You find beauty items and luxury products, which then helps to define the brands. These cases illustrate a rather important point in marketing—your promotional items ...

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Best Branding Strategies You Must Try Out

When you start your own company, better make sure that you’ve also planned out what you’re going to do to build your brand strategy. The goal of brand building is to generate awareness of your brand through social media or other means. You want people to have heard of your brand and to know what your brand is all about. You don’t want then to say “What’s that?” whenever they ...

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Brands Are Built With These Four Components

We could really run the gamut when it comes to branding. There are a million big pictures and small details to consider. So much so that we’re often frozen-intimidated as to how or where to start when we’re building a brand. But, before we get into that, let’s back it up a bit. Brands. What am I talking about? Are you ready for the answer? Anything. Anything and everything.   ...

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How a New Brand Can Attract Customers

When you’re just starting a new business, it can be a huge challenge to attract customers. Since you’re new, you will have to introduce your brand to consumers, and that can be difficult when you have to go against more established brands in your industry. Furthermore, new companies are often limited by a meager marketing budget. It’s a good thing that you don’t absolutely need a huge marketing budget to ...

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