Stylish Personal Pilates Loops Invented by Long-Time Pilates Instructor, Jacqueline Hinton

Good Citizen is the Los Angeles based company that has taken your Pilates workout and made it perfect. As long-time Pilates instructor Jacqueline Hinton was getting certified to teach over 13 years ago, she had an aha moment. She noticed everyone taking Pilates classes was putting their dirty feet and hands in the same unwashed communal straps that you use on the Reformer and Cadillac apparatuses. After being grossed out...

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This Fried Chicken Delivery Service Is New But Its LA-Native Chef Is Legendary

Have you heard great things about the new LA fried chicken delivery and pickup service called DFC Ghost Kitchen? If you have heard news about this setup, then chances are that you’re considering trying it out. Here are some cool facts you should know: The “DFC” in the name stands for Dante Fried Chicken, and that’s because it was founded by the legendary LA chef Dante Gonzales. This service’s headquarters...

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Minimal Design Desk by Pasadena's ArtCenter Alumni Henner Jahns

The NIK Desk seems like a simple, common-looking desk at first glance but upon closer inspection, you’ll find that it has an array of clever features. These features are well-integrated into the desk’s basic frame and designed to increase your work productivity, as well as become a conversation piece in your office. The desk has a sophisticated design yet it’s relatively easy to set up and use.   Every NIK...

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Ultra Comfy Hoodie Created by Former LA Art Director at Macy's

Los Angeles is one of the biggest apparel manufacturing hubs in the United States, its where some of the coolest under-the-radar clothing is created (like Carbon38, Clare V, BackBeat Rags, The Great). Colby Kane the inventor of the Aviator Hoodie Collection, is a designer and art director who moved to Los Angeles, California from New York City, New York in search of a better work-life balance. During his search, he...

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This LA Food Startup Baked Up Some Super Delicious Low Carb Cookies

It is the bane of every cookie lover: you want to eat all those cookies but you’re worried about the calorie count and what it will do to your weight. Check out NUI Cookies, the low carb keto snack cookies. You get the best of both worlds, a delicious cookie with only two grams of carbohydrates. Keto Kookie is the product of Victor Macias and Kristoffer Quiaoit, buddies who discovered...

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Versatile Swimwear Designed by Surfer, Nadja de Col

Necessity is the mother of invention – and Nalla is certainly proof of it! Nadja de Col, a Peruvian designer and surfer, was inspired to create it when her bikini bottom was ripped off from her while she was surfing in Hawaii. She then created a versatile swimwear that can be twisted, knotted and arranged in different configurations – the Nalla.   Basically, Nalla is a single cut of stitch-less...

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Comfy Organic T-shirts Designed by Local Artists in Playa del Rey

Clean {aesthetic}, the manufacturer of Clean {tee} shirt, began as an entrepreneurial venture of two art school graduates who printed T-shirts in their distinctive style in their kitchen. Over the years, the duo grew their venture into a business with its own brick-and-mortar store and gallery in Playa del Rey, California. Today, it’s a popular place for locals and tourists alike to browse and buy colorful artworks and basic shirts....

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Amazing Mechanical Flip Books Invented by Kinetic Artists in LA

In 2010, Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel collaborated in the creation of what they termed as “LED-less tech art”.  Among their art projects was a split-flap art piece inspired by the old-fashioned arrival/departure signs used in train stations. Rosen, however, has to build his own mechanism from used ink-jet printer parts. Kinetic Artist Mark Arnon Rosen Invented a  Despite the DIY quality, the duo’s first flip-art book became hugely popular...

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