Super Versatile Swimwear Designed by Surfer, Nadja de Col

Versatile Swimwear Designed by Surfer, Nadja de Col

Necessity is the mother of invention – and Nalla is certainly proof of it! Nadja de Col, a Peruvian designer and surfer, was inspired to create it when her bikini bottom was ripped off from her while she was surfing in Hawaii. She then created a versatile swimwear that can be twisted, knotted and arranged in different configurations – the Nalla.  

Basically, Nalla is a single cut of stitch-less Lycra fabric that comes with accessories. You can use it as a bikini bottom or top depending on your need. You start by draping it around your body, followed by twisting and knotting the middle and end parts, and then adjusting it to your unique body fit.

Video and text tutorials are available. You may, however, use your own creativity in mixing and matching the fabrics, as well as in using the accessories to create personalized styles.

By changing the twist or knot, as well as adding an accessory like a ring, you can instantly change the look of your Nalla bikini. You may, for example, change your bikini bottom with knots at the side of the waist into one with straps around your waist. You will feel like you have several bikinis packed when you only have one!  

Since the stitch-less Lycra can be stretched, you can also adjust your bikini top and bottom to make them smaller or larger, tighter or looser. You may want a tighter bikini top, for example, if you want to emphasize your breasts’ cleavage.  

Nallas can also be mixed and matched as a set. You can create a layered look with two colors of Nallas for your bikini top and bottom, or make a maillot-type swimsuit from two Nallas in the same color. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to creating your own personalized swimwear!

Nalla comes in several colors, too, from the basic black and white to the vivid reds, pinks and greens.


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