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How Your Startup Can Attract Top Talent Right Now


Establishing a startup is one of the most exciting things to do, especially if you have a particularly unique and one-of-a-kind idea. However, there are also lots of challenges that come with it. It’s certainly like starting a business, since it is, technically, a venture, but with a few additional hurdles that add thrill to the experience. 

Among these challenges, hiring top talents will be one of the trickiest ones to accomplish. The process is rather complex, requiring lots of things to consider. It’s also something you can’t cut corners with as you absolutely need the best people to get your startup off the ground. Without them, you might have a harder time reaching your goals.

What complicates things is the fact that you’ll be competing with bigger, more established brands and ventures if you want the best people to create your ‘A-Team’. The fact that you’re still starting out might not necessarily entice as many top performers as you’d want to, so you’re at a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting members of your team.

So how do you entice highly in-demand individuals when you have to face stiff competition to even get their attention? This quick guide will give you the answers you need for a successful recruitment process.

How Startup Can Attract Top Talent

According to experts, there are two crucial things that a new startup needs to showcase to potential hires if they truly want them. The first is to make them see that they will be able to reap great benefits from working for you and the other is to guarantee them that your startup will be around for long enough (or longer) for them to enjoy those benefits. 

In order to entice someone who is also being courted by a lot of other brands with very attractive offers, you also have to put your best foot forward. You have to show them that your venture will give them financial, professional, and even personal fulfillment, if that’s what they’re after. You have to charm them into believing that you’re what they’re looking for in terms of the next stage of their career.

In a way, this is pitching your ideas and concept all over again to someone else. You’ll be getting a different kind of investment this time as your hires may not put in money to help you operate but they’ll add other crucial elements into the equation: their skills and expertise. 

In this case, however, you’ll also need to make a good case against your competitors. The best talents have lots of other ventures vying for their attention so you have to convince them that you’re the best pick over everyone else.

How exactly can you do this? Based on studies, startups who were able to win over the best talents did so by selling three things to the talents they’re eyeing: their company’s vision, culture, and impact. 

These three things are some of the top things young and upcoming talents look closely into when selecting the right position and company for them. Most want to work with a team with a vision that they can agree with and will motivate them. They’d also want to know what the company aims to do and how it will make a difference in society. And of course, they’d want to be guaranteed that the company culture is great and appealing to them. Tick all of these boxes and combine them with solid compensation, and you can be guaranteed positive results.

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Sharing Your Vision

Your vision is one of the strongest hooks you can use to entice top talents to work for you. Why? A good one will be shared by the most ambitious and motivated individuals. So if you have the same perspective, goals, and plans, the chances of them wanting to work with you will increase. 

This is also one of the top things that will set you apart from the competition. How you see and plan to approach things will help establish your identity and footing in the industry. While a lot of that will still need some establishing, having a good idea of who you are and who you want to be is always a good thing. 

Sharing that with your potential team members will help them get a good picture of what you’re about and what you’re going for. It’s an excellent way to put your young startup in a good light as instead of looking like an underdog without anything to offer just yet, you’ll present it in a very optimistic manner.

Experts also say that this technique will also present your job offer as an opportunity to the top-tier talent that you wish to hire. By sharing your vision, you’ll be able to provide great possibilities that a lot of people might want to experience. 

To make this approach successful, make sure to establish the following points first:

  • The difference between your startup’s vision against others’
  • The technologies and strategies of your startup
  • The size of your target market and your plans in conquering it

How Your Startup Can Attract Top Talent

Selling Your Impact

Lots of people are keen on working with young startups for the great opportunities for growth and learning that they can offer, so you absolutely have to capitalize on it. Make sure to highlight the kind of impact your company can promise and the kind of contributions top talents can offer.

Most startups are designed to disrupt systems in one way or another. With a good concept, your business can have a major impact on many industries. Highlight that as it will surely entice a significant amount of folks who are looking for the best opportunities available to them. Many will want to be a part of providing great strides in certain areas of life, so you can’t just skim over that fact when you’re trying to win someone over. 

While young ventures may not be as stable as established ones that have already grown over the years, there will still be lots of great talents that you’ll draw in just for the fact that you’re new. They’re attracted to the kind of involvement and contributions they’ll have in the growth of the company. This is particularly true for early-stage hires as they will be keen on helping you lay the foundations of your venture. 

Showcasing these opportunities to make a change and contribute largely not just to your company but also to society overall can be an effective way to entice some of the best talents out there. The most driven ones will surely find such details appealing and might just win them over. 

When crafting your impact presentation, here are the most important points to highlight:

  • The amount of decision-making power your team members can get 
  • The kind of impact team members can have on customers
  • The amount of exposure team members will have on important business decisions

How Your Startup Can Attract Top Talent

Promising an Enticing Company Culture

A good working environment is now among the most important considerations for job seekers. In fact, according to a survey, 46% of applicants believe that it’s a very important factor in choosing an offer. It’s also deemed as a good driving force for employees and can determine whether they’ll move elsewhere or stay.

If your company culture is good, you can turn your employees into brand ambassadors, giving you a lot more mileage in the process. If your company culture is bad, you can expect quick employee turnarounds and having a hard time securing top talents as lots of folks are willing to turn down a good job offer if they don’t find the company culture appealing or a good match for them.

Unfortunately, company culture is not something you can just make up on the fly. It’s something you should truly work on developing if you want to get the best folks on board.

If you already have a good company culture, translating what it’s like to someone who is not a part of the team yet can also be a challenge. To best convey what your prospects can expect when they join your team, it’s recommended to explain to them what kinds of people thrive in your organization as well as those who aren’t the best fits.

It’s important to communicate with candidates if your work setup is highly competitive and if you incentivize friendly rivalries or if you have a more collaborative and laidback work environment. Presenting such facts with great tact and positivity is crucial as it can also impact your offer in unexpected ways. With ample honesty, you can help your candidates learn if your venture is a good match for them. 

Another way to explain your company culture to a candidate is by explaining how they can contribute and become a part of it. It’s important to present culture to be collaborative rather than a rigid setup with strict rules and regulations. 

You can further make your pitch on company culture effective by clinching these points:

  • Identify the contributions your team members made to your company culture
  • Identify the kinds of people who have been successful on your team
  • Identify the types of folks who did not feel at home there 

Competing with large and more established companies can be daunting but it doesn’t mean that you can’t grab a few top talents if you truly tried. You still have a leg up against large firms and businesses because of the opportunities you can offer, so take full advantage of that. Keep these tips in mind and you might just find yourself onboarding some of the most impressive candidates you’ve ever met.

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