Anthea Cards Launches Elegant Hand-Assembled Pop-Up Greeting Cards

Anthea Cards Launches Elegant Hand-Assembled Pop-Up Greeting Cards
Anthea offers exquisite, hand-assembled, and elegant pop-up greeting cards for all occasions. Anthea blends craftsmanship with cutting-edge printing and 3-D modeling software in order to offer the world creative, exciting, and unique ways to express themselves.

Anthea Cards, an innovative pop-up greeting card company, has signed an agreement with Mr. Checkout Distributors that will bring its handmade pop-up cards to gift stores across the country.

Each Anthea pop up card carries a charming surprise inside: as the card opens, a laser-cut 3D sculpture unfolds that is sure to brighten anyone’s day. Cards feature foil applique and embossed designs on premium card stock. No expense has been spared in construction.

With Americans feeling more and more isolated during the pandemic, Anthea’s pop-up cards offer a way to connect. Anthea’s wide range of offerings allows customers to choose an unfolding sculpture with seasonal relevance or even personal meaning for the recipient. The peekaboo slot in the card permits the recipient to keep the hand-written note personal, even when displaying the sculpture on a mantle.

Jolie Vu, the founder of California-based Anthea Cards, is excited to introduce Americans to the art of kirigami, which is very popular in her native Vietnam: “Now, more than ever, people are looking for creative ways to connect with their friends and family. It is our mission to offer an elegant medium for people to set pen to paper, expressing their love for one another.”

Mr. Checkout’s vast network of distributors will now make Anthea pop up cards available to consumers all over the country.
Joel Goldstein, President of Mr. Checkout Distributors, is excited to introduce Anthea Cards to its vast group of national and independent distributors: “We see the opportunity with Anthea Cards’ line of products for our distributors and we are looking forward to adding to their existing success.”

“We are delighted to enter this partnership with Mr. Checkout. The national and local businesses in its distribution network are vital to making Anthea Cards accessible to millions of new consumers,” agrees Jolie Vu.

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