Excellent Commerce Platform for Online Publishers From StackCommerce

Excellent Commerce Platform for Online Publishers From StackCommerce

Also known for StackSocial.com, StackCommerce stands at the juncture between content publishers who are looking to monetize through advertising and sales, and brands seeking to promote their products.

They partner with publishers by helping them set up their own branded storefront (think Amazon.com) while at the same time they assist in providing content that will attract and interest readers who can then become customers. StackCommerce then can help with the promotion of a brand through their network of publishers.


The whole process starts with StackCommerce finding the best brands that offer the best products and services at the best online prices. This is so that publishers can have quality products to sell, while their prices are competitive and the lowest online.

The best brands, products, and services are then chosen for each publisher to sell, based on the demographics and the buying behavior of the publisher’s audience. The publishers promote the products through their commerce content and integrated feeds between the storefront system and retailer administration.

The readers eventually become buyers, and both the publishers and the brands receive the agreed-upon percentage of the purchase price. StackCommerce works with the brands to ensure that fulfillment and customer service issues are dealt with properly. The loyal readers become loyal customers, and the whole process becomes continuous.


StackCommerce is at the fulcrum between the publishers and the merchant brands, and they realize that these 2 groups can work together for mutual benefit. The publishers are able to sell relevant consumer products to their readers, who can regard this as a welcome service. At the same time, the brands can find the most suitable seller platforms for their products and service, because they know the demographics of the readership.

With this model, both publishers and merchant brands can grow more effectively, while readers are able to buy what they want more easily. It’s beneficial for everyone, and that’s always great business.

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