Create Your Next Product at MAKE IT IN LA

Create Your Next Product at MAKE IT IN LA

Lots of people come to LA to try to build a flourishing career, and now we have a group of ambitious people whose company name is the same as their goal. In fact, they want everyone to make it in LA, or at least they wish to help local businesses achieve a measure of success.

The way they wish to achieve this is partly with the use of the usual online tools. They offer inspirational features and expert advice, they broadcast podcasts on a wide range of business-related topics, and they come up with events that help drum up networking and partnership opportunities for various small businesses and large companies.

They list incentives and tools for which various businesses may qualify. These include the Locate LA tool that identifies the communities and properties that may suit your needs. Other incentives they point out include the Case Management Program, Industrial Development Bonds, the Utility Infrastructure Loan, California Competes for income tax credit and other tax credits, various programs that can help businesses become more sustainable, programs for workforce training, and various programs that can help facilitate international exports.

Basically, the Make It In LA group’s business is to get your business off the ground running successfully. They also help with factory tours to help your business find the best manufacturing facilities for your consumer items. The manufacturing structure in LA is, in fact, the biggest in the whole country, and the majority of them have excess capacity. These factories are looking for new customers. And Make It In LA can help new startups connect with the factories that can accommodate their needs.

It’s true that statistically, a significant number of startups fail. More than half fail after 5 years, and more than 70 % call it quits after 10 years. With the help of Make It In LA, your business may have a better chance of surviving the mean streets of the city.

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