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19 Social Media Content Ideas To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Running out of ideas on what to post on social media platforms? Here are some tips that can help encourage you to come up with new content to interest your viewers. One of the most frustrating problems when it comes to social media posting is that sooner or later you may end up running out of ideas. You may catch yourself talking about the same things, over and over. It’s ...

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Cathy Heller - Don't keep your day job

Cathy Heller - Don't Keep Your Day Job We are a super fan of LA-based podcaster, Cathy Heller, she’s the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which was given the #1 spot on iTunes recommend list of shows for the New Year in 2018 and 2019. Throughout the show, she interviews creative entrepreneurs like Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, SugarFina founder Rosie O'Neil, ...

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5 Hacks to Get Out of Your Creative Slump

When you’re creative, it’s a huge problem when you suddenly run out of fresh new ideas. But that’s a slump you can escape with the help of these tips. Just as athletes can get into slumps, so can professionals in the creative world. You can find yourself in a creative black hole in which no new ideas will come. But that’s a black hole you can get out of—just try ...

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This Fried Chicken Delivery Service Is New But Its LA-Native Chef Is Legendary

Have you heard great things about the new LA fried chicken delivery and pickup service called DFC Ghost Kitchen? If you have heard news about this setup, then chances are that you’re considering trying it out. Here are some cool facts you should know: The “DFC” in the name stands for Dante Fried Chicken, and that’s because it was founded by the legendary LA chef Dante Gonzales. This service’s headquarters ...

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Smart Projector That Fits in Any Light Socket

Projectors are usually large, bulky appliances that take up room in your home. But Beam, a smart projector, changes the game with its screw-in-and-play design! Just fit it into any light socket in your home, download the Beam app, and control its operation from your smartphone or tablet. The Beam app is available on Android and iOS systems so everybody with an enabled smartphone or tablet can download it. You ...

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Day of the Dead Playing Cards Made in LA by Local Artist Steve Minty

The Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos in Spanish, is a widely celebrated holiday in Mexico and the United States. The holiday actually spans several days when family and friends gather to remember and pray for their deceased loved ones. Most people also visit the graves of their loved ones, and light candles and place flowers on them, as well as enjoy a picnic with their family. In ...

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Military-Grade Encryption VPN Device Created by LA Mechanical Engineers from JPL

Many savvy smartphones, tablet, and laptop users utilize a virtual private network (VPN) to surf anonymously, stay protected from malware, and avoid censorship, among others. But why stop there? There’s a new gadget that can provide these useful services, as well as allow individuals and organizations secure and remote access to their home and office networks. The izzbie ONE is an all-in-one VPN device that offers a personal cloud, online ...

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Comfy Organic T-shirts Designed by Local Artists in Playa del Rey

Clean {aesthetic}, the manufacturer of Clean {tee} shirt, began as an entrepreneurial venture of two art school graduates who printed T-shirts in their distinctive style in their kitchen. Over the years, the duo grew their venture into a business with its own brick-and-mortar store and gallery in Playa del Rey, California. Today, it’s a popular place for locals and tourists alike to browse and buy colorful artworks and basic shirts. ...

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Amazing Mechanical Flip Books Invented by Kinetic Artists in LA

In 2010, Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel collaborated in the creation of what they termed as “LED-less tech art”.  Among their art projects was a split-flap art piece inspired by the old-fashioned arrival/departure signs used in train stations. Rosen, however, has to build his own mechanism from used ink-jet printer parts. Kinetic Artist Mark Arnon Rosen Invented a  Despite the DIY quality, the duo’s first flip-art book became hugely popular ...

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Self-Rolling Fitness Mat Invented by Local Yoga enthusiasts

Aaron Thornton, a yoga enthusiast, invented the YoYo Mat as a better alternative to traditional yoga mats that are difficult to roll up, as well as become bulky when rolled up. The YoYo Mat, in contrast, rolls up on its own and stays tightly rolled up even without straps and carrying bags.   This yoga mat is made from TPE, a latex-free, PVC-free biodegradable material that also doesn’t contain harmful ...

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