Virtual Reality Steps Into The Spotlight: Gaming 2.0

2020 has been the year of the great shake-up - and it's barely halfway done! Traditional entertainment in the form of Hollywood cinema has had its business model of the summer blockbuster tentpole film flipped upside down. Traditional sports are experiencing a decrease in viewership due to political controversy. Social media and tech giants are being taken to task by Congress and are realizing the very real threat due to...

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Clutch Competition Winners and The Future of Innovation for eSports Startups

For the last two years, “The Clutch” pitch competition, sponsored by eSports Insider, has taken place to identify the top start-up companies across the eSports sector. In 2019, the winner was “G-Science” which monitors mental and physical health along with sleep and nutrition in eSports players to help them unlock their top potential. Their official mission statement according to their website is, “Empowering gamers to take control of their health...

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Breaking Down the 2020 eSports Scene and Understanding What the Present & Future Holds

eSports is quickly taking the world by storm – very few people would argue with this definitive statement. However, more importantly, is that as this whirlwind moves from continent to continent, there are a lot of complexities, structures, regulations, and acronyms. Understanding the tiers of eSports games, which determines what game is best and most popular, and how games, leagues, and teams break down. Here are the tiers of the...

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eSports Sees Explosive Growth in Social Gaming as People Stay Home

While the world of traditional sports is tripping over themselves during the pandemic, eSports viewers and properties are skyrocketing into never before seen heights of profit and success. Epic Game’s “Fortnite” as well as the new kid on the block, “Valorant”,  are perfect examples. Fortnite’s live Travis Scott concert within the game pulled in over 30 million viewers. Valorant has over 3 million players daily in their game. Compare this...

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NetworkNext Launches a New Internet to Boost Network Performance for Online Games

Lags, high pings, and bandwidth issues are just some of the most annoying things online gamers have to deal with on the regular. These can easily ruin a game and keep players from enjoying their games to the fullest. But what can they do? Such things are common with the internet. Network Next aims to address this very problem. Described as a marketplace for premium network transit. They provide access...

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Coronavirus Concerns Canceled Overwatch League Games in South Korea

Blizzard’s recent decision of canceling Overwatch League games in Asia is due to the growing coronavirus outbreak concerns. The company already canceled some matches in South Korea between February 29 and March 22. The company said that it’s to preserve the health and safety of everyone—players, staff, and fans. The matches canceled include the ones moved to Korea due to the canceled games in China. Worse, it also included the...

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eSports Venues Are Popping Up Across Los Angeles

In the continued avalanche of exciting eSports news,  Nerd Street Gamers has raised $12 million in funding from Philadelphia discount retailer Five Below (and others) to build esports Localhost facilities that house leagues, training camps, tournaments, and showcases. The company is planning to build out a 26,000 square-foot eSports venue in Los Angeles by the Summer of 2020 – making it the largest such venue in the state. John Fazio,...

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Top eSports Startups Launch in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles has long been seen as the world-wide epicenter for arts and entertainment – palm trees, swimming pools, and movie stars as Quentin Tarantino’s recent hit, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” reminded us all. But as movie studios transform into streaming services and get bought by digital corporations like Comcast (NBC) and AT&T (Warner Bros.), a new type of star is being born. In the case of Los...

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