5 Hacks to Get Out of Your Creative Slump

5 Hacks to Get Out of Your Creative Slump

When you’re creative, it’s a huge problem when you suddenly run out of fresh new ideas. But that’s a slump you can escape with the help of these tips.

Just as athletes can get into slumps, so can professionals in the creative world. You can find yourself in a creative black hole in which no new ideas will come. But that’s a black hole you can get out of—just try out our tips:

Do Something Different

When you tend to do the same things day after day, you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re in a creative slump. After all, how can you come up with fresh new ideas when there’s nothing new in your life to create that creative spark you need?

So try to change things up in small ways. Do you tend to listen to jazz all the time? Maybe you can try classic or alternative rock as your background music instead. Watch a new TV series. You can even make changes to your wardrobe, to your usual meals, and even to how you take your coffee. When you’re celebrating out in a bar with friends, experiment with a new cocktail, or finally try a new shot of single malt.


This is another way you can change things up. You probably work in an office, but this place looks the same day in and day out. Maybe you can redecorate and put up new posters and artwork to help stimulate your creativity. The change can jolt you out of your creative slump.

Reserve Time in Your Schedule to Refresh Your Creativity

For at least an hour a week, you should reserve some time to refuel your creative tank. Creativity is like a garden, as you need to nurture it regularly. So if you’re someone who needs alone time to maintain your creativity, take your journal to a coffee shop and try a creative exercise such as drawing or describing in words your surroundings and the people around you.

Some people prefer to interact with others, and you can do that by scheduling a meal or a coffee break with other creative friends. It’ll be like a brainstorming session.

Remember WHY

Exactly why do you do the work you do? It’s not always about the money. When you’re in a creative slump, think back about the times when you’re at your best and you’re feeling the most satisfied about your work. When you’ve identified these times, you may find common factors that can help you identify why you enjoy your work in the first place. Realizing that purpose can help motivate you to get out of that slump you’re in.

Just Do It

One of the reasons why the Nike slogan is so popular is that it reminds you of what you need to do. You’re a writer? Just write. You’re a musician? Play some music. You’re an artist, just draw something or play with images.

Stop bemoaning how you’re out of ideas. Instead of overthinking things, just do something. Just start to do what you’re supposed to do.

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