15 Best Online Stationery Stores to Stock Up on Everything From Art Supplies to Notebooks

Would you rather take notes in traditional stationery, like a journal or on your smartphone? For those who chose a journal over the smartphone, here are a few great online shops that will provide for your stationery needs. While smartphones can be handy for note-taking on the fly, plenty of us still prefer to use pen and paper for taking down notes and writing in our journals. It just feels...

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Smart Projector That Fits in Any Light Socket

Projectors are usually large, bulky appliances that take up room in your home. But Beam, a smart projector, changes the game with its screw-in-and-play design! Just fit it into any light socket in your home, download the Beam app, and control its operation from your smartphone or tablet. The Beam app is available on Android and iOS systems so everybody with an enabled smartphone or tablet can download it. You...

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Create Your 72-Hour Emergency Home Kit While Decluttering

Emergencies are by definition a set of unforeseen circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for a home emergency now while you have some free time to think things over. That’s especially true for home emergencies, as there’s risk to your family and property and so you need to be ready. A 72-hour emergency kit is a good precaution, as this kit can get your family going for...

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21 Excellent Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

Being productive is essential for everyone, especially when starting a business; there always seem to be a million things on your to-do list and you don’t know where to start. Being productive helps you do better at your job and save you time (which means more free time). If you value your time, then you should find ways to increase your productivity. You can become more productive by practicing good...

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LA Startups - Non-Toxic Vegan Candles From P.F. Candle Co., an Artisanal Candle Company Based in LA

It was because of Etsy that PF Candle grew to become the company that it is today. For 5 years PF Candle was a small time operation making and selling high-quality candles run by 2 people from a second bedroom. Now it employs a team of 25 people, and they have an LA factory in which they design, produce, and ship all their items. PF Candle makes candles out of...

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