Amazon Laid Off 150 Employees From Its Amp Radio Division

Just one day after Amazon reported lackluster earnings, the company announced that it had laid off around 150 employees from its Amp Radio division. This move comes as the company looks for ways to trim costs and focus on more profitable areas.

Amp Radio, which launched earlier this year, allows users to broadcast their own live radio shows. Amp offers a partnership with Nicki Minaj and has been courting content creators in an effort to grow its user base.

Despite the layoffs, Amp Radio will continue to exist. According to a spokesperson, those who were affected by the layoffs will have the option to look for new jobs within Amazon.

This news comes as a blow to the many content creators who saw Amp Radio as a promising platform. For Amazon, however, it is simply a matter of cutting costs and focusing on more profitable areas.

With Amazon’s share price taking a hit after Thursday’s earnings report, it remains to be seen how this cost-cutting measure will impact the company in the long run. is a digital lifestyle publication that covers the culture of startups and technology companies in Los Angeles. It is the go-to site for people who want to keep up with what matters in Los Angeles’ tech and startups from those who know the city best.

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