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18 Best Social Media Ideas To Make Your Brand’s Feed Fresh


Running out of ideas on what to post on social media platforms? Here are some tips that can help encourage you to come up with new content to interest your viewers.

One of the most frustrating problems when it comes to social media posting is that sooner or later you may end up running out of ideas. You may catch yourself talking about the same things, over and over. It’s like that one uncle you have who comes over during family gatherings with the same old stories and jokes.

It’s crucial that you come up with fresh, interesting posts to get the attention of your viewers if you want your social media efforts to bear fruit. A new post that’s different from the others is more likely to garner interest and engagement. You’ll get more likes and comments, compared to just posting the same old things over and over again.

Best Social Media Ideas to Keep Your Brand’s Feed Fresh

If this is your main problem every time you need to post, don’t worry. We have a nice cheat sheet for you to consult so that you can try new ideas you’ve may have never thought about before.

Showcase Your Staff

Too many companies post about their products these days, and it can turn off plenty of viewers. These posts tend to not sound informative at all. In fact, they often see, blatantly promotional. Lots of people hate that sort of thing on social media.

But maybe you can feature one of your employees every now and then. This is certainly something different, especially if you previously talked only about your products and services.

It’s not just interesting as well. It also humanizes your brand and makes your corporate image a lot more approachable. It dispels the feeling of a company promoting a brand, and instead creates an image of a friend introducing another friend to their customer.

Create Video Content

Lots of people seem to focus too much on wordy articles in their blog posts these days. But have you ever considered making a video? It’s not as if you need to spend a lot on video cameras—you can even just use your smartphone for this.

Using videos is a tried and tested way of getting attention from viewers. The success of YouTube attests to this fact. In fact, experts estimate that this year of 2020, 82% percent of web traffic will consist of videos.

Setup Live Video Events

This works very well for events, as live videos can make viewers feel as if they’re there where things are happening. One survey revealed that more than 80% of people would rather watch a live video than read another text blog post.

Live videos also feel more authentic, especially for product demonstrations. People can see mistakes as they happen, and that makes things more real. It’s also more impressive when you deal with those mistakes in real-time, instead of erasing them and doing another take for a recorded video.

19 Social Media Content Ideas To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Share Company Updates

Social media is about fostering relationships with customers, so how can you do that? Just as you share news about your promotion at work with friends and family over Facebook, you can also share news about what’s happening with your company.

Maybe you can mention a new product that you’re developing or readying for launch. You can also mention an important new hire or perhaps trumpet the news about how your company is receiving an award. Talk about your efforts in fighting for social issues, such as for gay rights or for the environment.

Of course, the most popular news you can share is if you’re having a discount or a similar promotion. This is the kind of news that people like to share through social media.

Don’t forget about sharing news regarding your industry as well.

Share Behind The Scene (BTS)

This means “behind the scenes”. Many people are fascinated by how certain products are planned, developed, and made. Maybe you can make a video on how you manufacture a popular item, or how your creative team dreams up new items to produce. You can also show your company’s preparations for certain events, whether for conventions or for neighborhood activities.

You can even show familiar behind-the-scenes footages that resemble the BTS scenes for movies. If you’re having a photoshoot for one of your products, the BTS scenes can show viewers how you go about it.

Launch a Contests

Another way to generate interest is to hold a contest. Contest winners can then win a prize, while your brand reaps the promotional rewards.

Some contest rules can be really simple, such as for entries to “like” certain posts or to share a post with a number of friends.

But you can also hold contests that can directly help your company. Maybe you can hold a contest for viewers to come up with a slogan for your brand, or even a brand logo. Your viewers can even be the judges for these entries so that you know that your customers will approve of the winning slogan or logo.

You can have regular photo contests, or ask for unique ways of using any of your products. The possibilities are endless.

Create User-Generated Content

You don’t have to have a contest to encourage some fans of yours from generating their own content about your products and your brand. Some can post about how they use your products. They may also post tips on proper maintenance, or for repairs and tweaks for your products.

Share these posts with your other viewers, who will appreciate these types of posts. You also make the original poster proud that their efforts have come to your attention. It goes a long way to fostering a relationship with that poster, and you may end up encouraging them to post more about your brand and your products.

19 Social Media Content Ideas To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Share Customer Photos

This is related to user-generated content, but it deserves a section of its own. You can show off pictures of customers using your products. This is especially effective if you’re in the fashion industry, as you can have people wearing your shirts and other types of clothes.

Just make sure these people look good. If they look good, then people will subconsciously believe that this is so because of your fashion products.

Create Meme GIFs

You don’t have to make your own GIFs. You can just go with Twitter and Facebook, and use their search engines to find GIFs you can use for your own marketing purposes. GIFs are fun ways to engage with when you’re joining in trending topics and other cultural discussions.

Just make sure they’re fun, alright?

Create Animations

These are the means you can compromise between simplistic GIFs and more sophisticated videos. Animated videos don’t cost a lot of money, and you can also use online tools to create unique animations of your own.

You can then use animations to present the info from older blog posts into new ways. That’s certainly better than just reissuing the same information each year.

Create a Trailers

Movies and TV shows have trailers. Why can you have one for your products? You can present a video (or even just a product photo) of upcoming products you have ready to launch in the near future.

Share Demos

Here’s another thing you can try if you don’t know what to show off when you produce videos. You can produce demo videos showing how you can use, clean, and maintain one of your products. Videos tend to be more effective at showing how to do things than the written word.

An additional benefit to demo videos is that these videos also demonstrate the actual effectiveness of your product. Your video can show that your product actually works.

Create Infographics

Instead of posting “interesting” stats through text, you may want to consider using infographics instead. This means you use charts and other graphics to present your data while minimizing the use of words.

These infographics offer a simple overview of your topic. They can better explain a complicated process, or summarize a long and boring report. If you have data collected through surveys and other research methods, infographics offer a non-boring way for you to present your findings.

Share a Tips

You can still post text, but on what topic? One sure topic that can attract the attention of readers is about tips on using your products. Post suggestions on new things they can do, or tweaks they can perform to make your products better. Make sure these are new tips and don’t just repeat what it says in the owner’s manual.

In fact, you can even help out your readers by giving them tips so that they won’t need your services. Let’s say your business is pest control, and one of your services involves getting rid of rodents in the house. But you can post tips on social media about how your readers can avoid having rats enter their homes in the first place. You may also post easy tips on how they can get rid of such pests without your help.

These tips reinforce the idea that your brand isn’t purely about making a profit. Instead, you confirm the idea that your company is out to help people.

The fact that you’re also trying to cut down the number of people who need your services may also suggest that your business is too successful. If you have that many customers, people will assume that your company offers terrific, high-quality services.

Answer Questions

If you have a decent website, you probably have a web page dedicated to answering FAQs. The problem is that if you look over forum discussions and comments regarding your products and services, people have more questions than what’s covered in your FAQ section.

This type of post gives your readers the idea that you’re always ready to help your customers. It assures them that you monitor their concerns, and you take the time and effort to provide the answers they need.

Ask Questions

Engagement in social media is 2-way, you know. That means you’re not the only one who’s supposed to provide answers. Your viewers can provide answers as well.

The best way to do this is to post open-ended questions. That means these questions can’t be answered by a simple yes or no. People will instead have to explain further, and the answers you get can lead to fascinating (and insightful) discussions.

19 Social Media Content Ideas To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Conduct Surveys

Don’t use boring surveys that many people find tedious to answer. Instead, poll people about fun topics. If you’re selling clothes, then perhaps you can show off people wearing certain items of yours and ask people to judge which one looks best.

In fact, your polls can even help you with your design options. You can poll people to ask them what color your next product should be in. These types of polls give people the feeling that they contributed to the development of your product. For them, it feels nice to have a voice about your product development.

With your polls, you then also predict future trends for which you can prepare for your next new products. Surveys can also reveal what’s currently “wrong” about your current products and services, and you can use the survey questions to help improve things next time.

Mainstream Media Mentions

Whenever a newspaper, magazine, or TV show mentions your brand, it gives your brand a certain sense of authenticity. It means your brand is famous and an icon. Your brand has arrived.

So, if you manage to have your product reviewed by a famous website or magazine, don’t hesitate to mention this on your social media post. That’s especially true if the press mention is positive about your product.

Even if the press mention is negative, you can still use it to promote your brand. If the review complains about your product, you can ask your followers to see if they agree with the complaints. Some of the people might even defend your product. You can also assure people that you’re taking note of these criticisms and that you’re taking steps to make improvements.

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