5 Best Instagram Tools to Help You Build Your Following

5 Best Instagram Tools to Help You Build Your Following in 2019

It’s true that it helps to be a celebrity if you want to amass lots of followers and likes on Instagram. The top Instagram accounts belong to celebs Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber. But it’s all about making your Instagram feed a lot more engaging, and you can do that with the following tools to boost your following:

1. The Instagram Marketing Mastery Bundle

This is truly a complete package with a 5-way combined method of achieving Instagram fame. This teaches you how to build your presence on the Instagram platform that can reach a wider audience. The various components focus on advertising, affiliate marketing to monetize your success, and engagement techniques to garner greater interest. You have growth tips to boost your user base and content strategy lessons to help you decide on what to post. At $29, this is a steal.

2. Savvant Instagram Optimizer Famous Plan

Knowing what photos to post on Instagram is a crucial skill, and that’s just one of the things you learn with this plan. This is designed to boost your own creativity so that you’re able to pick on your own the most suitable photos and imagery. You’ll learn to come up with the most engaging copy, while you’re also able to pick the right keywords, filters, and hashtags that make your content easier to find. Detail about the plan here.

A lifetime subscription to the plan may seem like a long time, but then at a total cost of only $40 you surely get your money’s worth.

3. Planagram Agency Plan

This time you have to shell out $50, but this plan comes with handy tools that really save you a lot of time and effort. This comes with an automated scheduler so that your posts, galleries, and stories can be aired exactly when you want them to be. They can be posted at just the right time for your audience to see. Detail about the plan here.

It’s a great way you manage your posts, as it can schedule up to 10 images at once. In fact, it can help you to manage up to 25 different Instagram accounts!

4. piZap Pro

Sure, Instagram has built-in editing tools. But that doesn’t give you a leg up since everyone uses them too. With the piZap Pro, however, you get a lot more than the basic editing tools. You get hundreds of interesting fonts with ad-free access and royalty-free stock images. You can do collage layouts, stickers, and filters. There’s even a custom emoji maker so you can make your own unique emoticons. Detail about the plan here.

This is an editing suite with basically everything you need. In fact, you can use the included templates to create YouTube channel art and Facebook and Twitter cover photos.

5. Appz Instagram Assistant

This is a Google Chrome extension, and the lifetime subscription will cost about $40. It’s like hiring your very own personal assistant who’s an expert on building your brand. It can automatically like, comment or follow other posts or users with the same interests as you do. It also shows you a lot of stats to give you an idea of your progress. Detail about the plan here.

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