Harbor Launches an All-In-One Safety and Emergency App That Does All The Thinking For You

Harbor Launches an All-In-One Safety and Emergency App That Does All The Thinking For You

Did you know that there is an app that specializes in disaster and accident preparation?

No, we are not really expecting the worst here. In fact, being prepared in case of emergency is actually an optimistic approach. It means you see yourself as safe, dry, full, and comfortable even if you get caught in a not so comfortable scenario, say in the middle of anything insurance companies categorize as “acts of nature”

In as much as how sincere we are in trying to contribute even in our own little ways to stop the destructive path of climate change, going full green with our choices and denying ourselves with all the little things we used to love because it turned out to be an environmental hazard, let us face the truth – the damage has been done.

So if we can’t help but face the painful truth that the current effects of global warming are now a regular normal occurrence, we need to be prepared at least so we have more chances of survival.

The app that makes disaster preparedness easy and accessible.

Harbor is an app that is going to tell you exactly what you need to do in case you get caught in the middle of a disaster.

You get a team of disaster and risk management experts whose experience and knowledge can literally save lives.

You can also access and share important documents in this app both online and offline.

Harborshop unbelievably has everything you need for winter safety, hurricanes, wildfire, road safety, tornado, earthquake, power outage, and just recently, the pandemic.

Aside from home safety, Harbor also has features for workplace safety.

Harbor score is a special feature of this app that lets you measure workplace resilience.

It lets you know in real-time which offices and employees are vulnerable to floods, earthquakes, fire, and other disasters.

Are you going to survive in case of a disaster? Harbor will know the exact probability and will make sure you do.

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