Enervee Launches a Marketplace to Help Consumers and Businesses Save Energy

Enervee Launches a Marketplace to Help Consumers and Businesses Save Energy

Everyone wants to be wise when it comes to buying an electronic appliance for their home. There are quite a few things that need to be considered when making a choice since most of these items cost a pretty penny. Aside from their construction quality and performance, lots of people want to know how energy efficient they can be. With such information, you can determine how much value for the money you’ll get by going for a certain product.

Where do you get such information, though? Enervee is the perfect service to turn to. This energy-tech company does the testing for shoppers so they can easily learn of the power-efficiency scores of the items they’re eyeing. They use cutting-edge technologies to measure the energy consumption of various products to help consumers make ‘energy-smart’ purchases for their homes.

With the Energy Score, the 2017 winner of the Grid Edge award, consumers can learn about the energy performance of various appliances. Enervee tests appliances and gives them science-proven scores to determine how energy efficient they are.

The data is then collated and displayed on various platforms that are accessible to consumers so they can learn more about the products they’re eyeing. Scores are added and amended daily so consumers are guaranteed that they are up to date.

According to gathered data, with Enervee’s help, there’s a 10% increase in consumer’s energy-efficient choices. This boosts the population’s energy-saving efforts which is always good for the environment.

Aside from its very useful application for consumers, businesses can also take advantage of Enervee’s products and services. Energy providers will find great uses for its features including incentivizing customers, better customer engagement, and boosting savings among many things. It will generally provide energy providers with the tool they need to create new opportunities for earning and in crafting better services for their clients.

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