Hart Launches a Real Time Healthcare Data Platform as a Service

Hart Launches a Real Time Healthcare Data Platform as a Service

As most industries start to migrate their IT infrastructure to cloud systems for interoperability and accessibility, it can be expected that healthcare facilities and organizations will do the same as well. It’s just that they have more nuanced requirements for the technology they need as there are many delicate areas that their work will touch on.

Specialized services like what Hart.com offers a way for healthcare providers to take advantage of cloud computing, even if their current electronic health record systems are made up of different databases and services.

Most healthcare institutions and hospitals that would benefit most from having a cloud-based system are already running multiple electronic health record systems, and they are often not cross-compatible with each other. Hart.com provides a service that allows the institution to take information from all these different record systems and access them in the most efficient way possible.

Why does it matter? Such a capability allows the hospitals to provide better and safer services to their patients by allowing access to timely and useful information without the time delay caused by cross-system issues and manual processes often required by traditional electronic health record systems.

When it comes to health records, data security is a very important concern and Hart.com also provides a management solution that would allow an organization to control access to the system, monitor actions, and secure the data.

Along with the use of its platform, Hart.com offers several services that its clients can highly benefit from. Best of these is migration and archival service that takes advantage of the capability of the platform to access data from different types of electronic health record system so that the data can be stored in a secure and accessible way, allowing the client to shut down old systems if they need to.

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