NEXT Trucking Launches Freight Platform to Connect Shippers and Carriers

NEXT Trucking Launches Freight Platform to Connect Shippers and Carriers

Logistics plays a huge part in the operations of many businesses but in terms of the industry is still greatly lacking in streamlining. For the most part, the participants in the processes involved in logistics still rely heavily on a person to person communication, drawing out what could be a very simple transaction. Luckily, more and more tech startups are now working on improving the situation.

Next Trucking is one of these companies that are using technology to connect shippers and carriers without too much fuss. By creating a marketplace where shippers and carriers can find each other efficiently, they get to provide end-to-end logistics solutions efficiently.

Businesses can find a range of services available for transloading, OTR, and drayage from Next Trucking. With their help, enterprises can save time and money on arranging freight services while truckers and carriers can more effectively find loads to transport. They will also help you monitor your shipments and optimize your supply chains.

Carriers, on the other hand, will also find the digital marketplace handy for finding and booking loads. Instead of negotiating with individuals, finding jobs are now just a few screen taps away. This makes the process stress-free and will save you a significant amount of time that you can then use to book more loads.

But what really makes Next Trucking stand out is its focus on drayage or the process of goods transportation over a short distance. They have cornered the market for transporting cargo containers from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to nearby warehouses.

Why is this necessary? The mentioned ports are really busy as they tend to welcome about 40% of the shipments to the US. It’s not uncommon for the cargo containers to pile up after some time which can be an issue for businesses if they don’t remove theirs right away. By specializing in this area of logistics, Next Trucking gets to not just help enterprises cover all their bases when hauling their goods but they also help decongest the ports for its smoother operation.

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