ModernAnimal Launches Next-Generation Veterinary Clinics

ModernAnimal Launches Next-Generation Veterinary Clinics

There may be tons of products available at the tips of our fingers for our pets nowadays, but veterinary services for them are not as accessible just yet. Vet care is seriously lagging, making it quite fussy for pet parents to better tend to their pets. And with the changing demands in the modern market, this just won’t do.

Modern Animal Launches a Membership-based Vet Clinic, With 24/7 Virtual Care.

Modern Animal aims to revolutionize the trade by offering the next generation veterinary services. They’ve crafted their offerings to respond to the needs of the modern pet parent, bridging the gap so pets can get the best care available. They describe it as a reinvention and ‘reimagining of the veterinary experience in every way,’ and with how attractive their offers are to millennials, they might just really be onto something.

What sets Modern Animal apart from other vet services today? For starters, they offer a membership that will let you gain quick access to experts. Its app will give you 24/7 access to the brand’s virtual care team and will let you book virtual and in-clinic appointments. It will also allow you to check invoices and access medical records, making staying on top of your pet’s well-being fuss-free.

For just $100, you and your pet can already enjoy expert services that are crafted with your convenience in mind. This includes unlimited exams, so if you’re looking after an ailing pet, this can already be a great bargain. The peace of mind alone that it can provide will give you an excellent bang for your buck. And with urgent care’s crippling costs, this can be a reliable alternative to practical pet parents who still don’t want to compromise their fur babies’ safety and wellbeing.

Founded by a dedicated pet parent Steven Eidelman, who founded another pet-related startup (Whistle), you can trust that this up-and-coming service provider is dedicated to pet care. We still have to see what they have in store as they’re just about to open their first clinic, but after bagging massive funding, things are certainly looking up for this company.

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