Super Cool Prop/Art Display Wall Mount Invented by Two LA Designers

Super Cool Prop/Art Display Wall Mount Invented by Two LA Designers

Jack Bogdan and Brooklyn Short, who are Los Angeles-based designers, created Prop/Art as a way of displaying their record and comics collection as wall art. They initially wanted to display their art prints but it was too expensive to have them framed – and thus Prop/Art was born.

Prop/Art, or Prop/Art, is a wall-mounted, single-item display shelf that can easily be nailed on a wooden or concrete wall.  Made from high-grade aluminum, it can accommodate a standard 12-inch and 7-inch vinyl record or a comic book with backing board. It has a slight indent at the bottom to keep the displayed item in place, too, so you don’t have to worry about your collectible records falling to the floor.

Each Prop/Art comes with a brass-plated nail. Just position the shelf on the wall, drop the nail, and hammer it in and voila! You have someplace to display your record or comic book.

Think of Prop/Art as a way of displaying your cherished records and comic books yet still have easy access to them. Why hide them behind closed glass and wooden doors when you can proudly show them off?

You will also find that with the artworks on the covers of records and comic books, you can make an eye-catching wall installation in your home. You may even use empty Prop/Art shelves as part of your original artwork, such as a series of black Prop/Art shelves on a white background.

The Prop/Art shelves also mean more interaction, in a manner of speaking, with your collections. You can admire them as an original artwork, or play them on a turntable or read them again and again, or just take satisfaction from your impressive collection.

Prop/Art in itself can become a collector’s item. Each shelf is stamped as well as marked with its specific edition, a clever touch if you want the original.

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