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5 Simple Strategies to Get Traffic to Your Blog


One of the more obvious goals of having a website is to attract as many people as you can to visit it. After all, how can you promote your brand, products, and services if there’s nowhere, Ma to hear your message? Websites aren’t like the baseball diamond in Field of Dreams. Just because you build a website, it doesn’t mean that the visitors will come.

For entrepreneurs and marketers who wish to increase their website traffic, here are some 5 ways that must be taken:

1. SEO Your Website

This stands for search engine optimization, and it’s a concept that’s been part of website management for almost as long as there have been websites and search engines. Basically, you have to design and set up your website in such a way as to enable search engines like Google to rank your site on the first page of results whenever someone uses Google to use certain keywords associated with your niche.

You need to think about mobile SEO, which means that your site should easily be found and used by smartphone and tablet users. You also should take care of local SEO especially of your primary customers are the residents in your community.

2. Quality Content

It doesn’t make sense to drive people to your website through SEO if your website doesn’t have any high-quality content to offer for your website visitors. By having great content, you lure visitors to stay at your site longer and they’ll be more likely to bookmark your website and come back regularly.

There’s also n SEO aspect to great content. According to Google’s higher-ups, providing good content for your site can greatly improve your SEO.

3. Email Marketing

Your site should also have a form that lets your customers subscribe to your newsletter. You can offer your visitors access to more advanced features of your site in return for their email address. You can then send emails to your subscribers with news about your new products and promos, articles about interesting topics in your niche, and other materials that can tempt them to click a link and visit your website again.

4. Don’t Forget Social Media Platforms

It’s no secret that sites like Facebook and YouTube have millions of regular users who spend many hours on these sites. That means you have to be on these sites as well. You can also use Twitter and other similar platforms to engage with your potential customers so that you can better reinforce brand loyalty among them. These platforms can discuss topics relevant to your niche, and they can direct people to your website where useful content articles are contained for your visitors.

5. Don’t Overlook Non-Online Options

Just because your website is online doesn’t mean that all your efforts at increasing site traffic have to be online as well. Go network in the real world, and make sure your business card contains your website address. Display your website address prominently in your shop and at the side of your company van.

There’s no such thing as having too many website visitors, at least not in a marketing sense. Use tools like Ahrefs to check what your competitors are up to, what is ranking on their website, whether it be keywords or articles. These services aggregate the social performance of specific sites and content to provide you with an at-a-glance view of what topics are resonating with readers and, most importantly, making the rounds on social media. Find out what people are reading, and create similar content to bring traffic to your website.

Try out these tips, and see for yourself if your traffic statistics increase.

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John Diep
John Diep
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