FanDragon Launches a Secure Ticket Delivery Solutions for Venues, Promoters, and Fans

FanDragon Launches a Secure Ticket Delivery Solutions for Venues, Promoters, and Fans

It’s not an exaggeration when someone says that scalpers and bots rob real fans of the chance to enjoy an event to its full extent. They make ticketing extremely distressing as not only do they take away the chance for real people who are looking forward to the event to get their desired tickets easily but they are now also making the ticketing process a lot fussier. Fans do not deserve such an experience and they most especially don’t deserve to be taken advantage of.

Many ticket vendors have already tried their hands in resolving the issues that involve bots and scalpers but not everyone has found success yet. Most brought a lot of confusion while others incited rage among fans. In any case, they didn’t really work the way vendors wanted them to.

FanDragon offers another approach to ticket vendors in solving their woes and engaging their target audience better. They offer turnkey SaaS tools that are designed to streamline your workflows as well as help you save on operational costs. They also offer additional services that can help ticket vendors to better engage with their customers so they can get more out of their transactions.

One of the main functionalities, however, of FanDragon, is its digital ticketing that can help vendors create custom ticketing rules, prevent unauthorized resale, and create custom apps for vendors.

It’s important to note, however, that FanDragon is not a ticket vendor. They provide services to ticket vendors and make innovations for an enhanced ticketing experience but the company itself does not sell tickets. So if you don’t want to hire a competitor to improve your web services, you don’t have to worry about that at all with FanDragon.

There’s honestly so much that you can explore with this service provider so if you want your ticket buyers to have a better experience, you might want to check out what FanDragon can do for you.

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