Sidecar Health Launches Affordable Health Insurance for Individuals

Sidecar Health Launches Affordable Health Insurance for Individuals

Many would agree that America’s health insurance trade is quite problematic. At the top of the list of its issues are very high costs and the fact that most coverages just simply doesn’t work for a large chunk of the population. This leaves so many people uninsured and struggling for care when they fall sick.

In the US, 1 in 5 people went without needed medical care because they’re uninsured. This is the sad reality we live in and presents a promising opportunity for those who are willing to be passionate about public health. It’s an undertaking, but Sidecar Health is working hard to fill the gap.

Sidecar Health is a different take in health insurance. It’s fashioned after the rising cash-based trend offered by many healthcare facilities and institutions all over the country. These facilities provide lower-priced services, proving that healthcare can be affordable. However, as not everyone can straight-up pay for their medical procedures, something that can bridge the concepts of traditional insurance and the cash-based operation is needed.

This is where Sidecar Health positions themselves as they are making these lower-priced, cash-based healthcare options accessible to everyone. It works by providing its clients with a payment card that will let them opt for the cheaper self-pay prices offered by many healthcare professionals and institutions. This will allow you to choose any specialist that you want to work with; no more need to depend on your coverage to make a choice. Once you got your itemized bill and uploaded it to the app, you’re all done and covered.

A great plus to Sidecar Health’s services is the fact that they provide reference points for the pricing of various services. This way, you can quickly see which doctors are more affordable and have fair pricing. You can also use their app to compare prices, giving you a convenient workspace for your medical needs.

Of course, you can also select and customize your coverage, like with other health insurance packages. The main difference between Sidecar Health, however, is that the coverage options are more favorable to you.

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