Booming Industries in the Time of COVID-19

Booming Industries in the Time of COVID-19

The current health crisis has devastated not just the lives of the people but the economy as well. Lots of businesses folded within the first half of the year, unable to survive the new ways of life folks were forced into in order to curb the spread of the virus.

However, as the saying goes, “when one door closes, another opens.” Some businesses may have had to close up shop in the meantime but others found the crisis to open new avenues for their offerings. These enterprises are the ones that have proven themselves useful in the alternative times, therefore shooting up in demand because of the circumstances.

Interested in learning about which industries are doing well during the pandemic? Here are a few to take note of:


One of the things that quickly adapted to the new normal is medical appointments. Telehealth or remote consultation with doctors and medical practitioners became more preferred as going out to see these professionals got too risky. By doing consultations online or via the phone, patients and doctors were still able to conduct essential checkups without increasing each other’s risks of getting infected with the virus.

Contactless Tech

Contactless tech has already been a big thing in many parts of the world even before the health crisis hit but it has proven itself necessary globally when person to person contact put people at risk. In places where such interactions cannot be avoided, contactless tech can lessen the need for people to touch the same things, therefore lowering the risks of passing on the virus.


E-commerce has already been in use even before the pandemic but many retailers and businesses were still hesitant in making the switch. The crisis forced the hands of those who solely relied on their brick and mortar stores for revenue. They had to make major changes quickly in their operations as more and more people now prefer to shop online instead of head out to stores.

Education Tech

With schools shut down, the need to quickly shift to distance learning also became a must. This is still an area where most countries struggle with so there’s truly lots of room for improvement.

Remote Work Tech

Like with the education sector, lots of offices also shifted to remote work this year. This led to a serious demand for collaborative software and cloud security tech. While are already lots of existing tech for such demands many of them are not enough to provide a safe and seamless operation. This is why exponential growth is also expected for this industry.

As the pandemic already made a huge impact on everyone’s lives, going back to the way we were before seems to be impossible now. We will need to maintain a few measures in the post-pandemic world in order to stay afloat and maybe even prevent another outbreak. So with this, we’ll need to adapt and certain industries and techs can help us do that. By tapping those areas, you might be able to find yourself recovering or even doing better after surviving one of the worst periods in history.

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